The New York Italy Run by Nutella Cafe Colors Central Park with Green, White, and Red

The New York Italy Run by Nutella Cafe Colors Central Park with Green, White, and Red
By Kaleyra . 06 May 2019 . image 10 min read

On June 2nd, 2019, the Italian Republic Day, the Italy Run by Nutella Cafe will take place at Central Park. This is a 5 mile run (about 8 km) organized by the New York Road Runner Organization sponsored by Nutella Cafe and Ferrero in collaboration with Consolato Generale d’Italia in New York, and other sponsors including, Alfa Romeo, Alitalia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Lavazza, Comunità di San Patrignano and Kaleyra.

The event is open for all the runners; everyone can bring friends and family to join the NYRR and Nutella Café and to experience the best innovations and tastiest treats. For the first time, all fans of Nutella can step into this world and experience unique moments at Nutella Cafe.

A hand towards the community of San Patrignano


The Italy Run is also a way to help the San Patrignano community, an organization that aims to help people suffering from drugs and alcohol dependency.
This is a relevant organization with a 72% success rate, that houses 1,800 people from all over the world. The Italy Run aims to support the San Patrignano Community for all the hard work they put into the community every single day.

Kaleyra supports the New York Road Runner Italy Run by Nutella Cafe

Kaleyra wants to help this unique event that brings a piece of Italy to the American continent. Kaleyra is happy to support the NYRR organization that aims to help and inspire people through running. They  make a big impact on the community, youth, charity, and every individual runner; and this most certainly is a source of pride for our company.

The Italy Run is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the Italian Republic Day with all the Italian people living in New York.

On Saturday 1st June and on Sunday 2nd June at NYRR center, if you want to relax your mind and body before and after the race, join us for our amazing Yoga session held by Kaleyra!

Kaleyra is very proud to co-sponsor the Italy Run 2019, to celebrate the Republic Day of Italy, together with the Consulate General of Italy in New York and the other Sponsors. Running in Central Park is an amazing and healthy experience and the Republic Day is an important date to celebrate the strong and long-lasting relationship between New York City and the very large Italian community living there” – said Dario Calogero, Chief Executive Officer at Kaleyra.


More information about the Race

Every runner has access to the NYRR application where he can check live results, leader boards, map tracking, and an individual runner search.

There is also a Kid’s race for the small children.

When the run is over, everyone can join a post-race festival, which will include activities and food from Nutella Cafe and partners.

Route Information

The Italy Run is entirely at Central Park. Here is the exact path to follow:

Mile 1: Start on West Drive near West 67th Street and head south, completing the lower loop of the park before the course turns back onto East Drive.

Mile 2: Continue north on East Drive, passing the 72nd Street Transverse and ascending Cat Hill.

Mile 3: Continue along East Drive as you pass the Reservoir on your left and pass Engineers’ Gate (East 90th Street).

Mile 4: Turn left onto the 102nd Street Cross Drive, followed by another left onto West Drive. Run over rolling hills as you head south.

Mile 5: Enjoy a downhill, then a flat section. Turn left onto the 72nd Street Transverse and finish just west of Bethesda Terrace.

Race Award

The top three men and women will be prized (as well as in gender and age group). The fastest Italian man and woman will also be awarded.

For more detailed information about the run, click here.

Stay tuned to know more about our Yoga session!

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