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Our Voice Platform

Discover how our assets and features secure the relationship with customers.

  • Live Call Monitoring

    Track live calls & choose from multiple modes of interaction.
  • Smart Insights

    Get real time, smart insights that drive business decisions.
  • Access Account Roles

    Enable multiple user permissions, restrict accesses and create sub roles.
  • Sticky caller

    Connect calls to the same agent based on number history.
  • Number Blacklisting

    Easily blacklist objectionable numbers.
  • Browser Call Extension

    Use our browser extension to
    initiate calls within the browser.

Kaleyra's unique Voice products
create unique experiences.

Voice communication has evolved: discover the next gen Voice on cloud.

  • Click To Call

    This dynamically designed tool simplifies instant calling with intensified cloud-based back-end support. It allows you to trigger a call between your agent and customer at the click of a button as soon as the customer drops his number,
    diminishing conversion time significantly.
  • Call Conferencing

    Missed calls are a great way to keep customers happy and at the same time offer your services. With Kaleyra's callback service, a number will be generated for the customer to call, the incoming call will disconnect automatically and will ring them back in no time with personalized information. Missed call services are growing use cases which can generate leads, conduct polls, online voting, opt-in and opt-out campaigns and much more.
  • IVR

    Kaleyra offers a cloud based IVR that ousts the need for expensive equipment and dedicated phone lines. Our cloud IVR helps handle massive volumes of calls, provides services after normal business hours, helps automate an outbound campaign and is ingenious compared to call-centers.
  • Call Masking

    Kaleyra's Call Masking service helps you safeguard your customer's identity by masking their real number and displaying a pseudo number to the agent. Kaleyra secures your connections while operating globally and gaining you insights that will save you time and money.
  • Cash on Delivery

    With our easy and simple plugin, we automate telephonic verification for COD orders for commerce businesses and logistics. Kaleyra's service is able to adapt itself as your customer base increase, all while providing an automated system with multi-level verification.

We are driven by our API

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