All customer conversations in a single inbox

Drive customer success by giving your agents the full context they need, with customer interactions across channels aggregated in one thread.

Your support team’s dream.

Your support team’s dream.

No More Digging

Preserve the frame of reference as your customers enjoy the flexibility to connect with your brand while moving from channel to channel.

Stay Relevant

Push messages to customers on the channel they were most recently active on, or create a new conversation on a preferred channel.

Help Made Accessible

Sometimes, customers just want to talk to a real person without having to repeat their stories and queries all over again. We’ve got you covered.




Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

One Customer = One Conversation

AI-powered Chats

Automate simple responses with chatbots and let agents handle the complex queries.

Intelligent Routing

Set preferred channels for customer conversations based on historical usage, frequency, and other metrics.

Clean Integrations

Plug Kaleyra Conversations into your own product just using a JS-code embed.

Fallback mechanism

Deliver your message across different channels if they’re not seen on the first one.

Easier Feedback

Get instant customer feedback and understand how your audience liked your customer support experience.

Insightful Analytics

Delivery status, open rates, call durations and more, all at your cursor’s tip.

Contact Center

Move your contact center to the cloud.

Set up your own contact center with minimal effort. Leverage intelligent agent routing, customizable IVR and much more to help your team do their best.

Flow Builder

Design intuitive customer experience flows.

Build call flows in minutes with our drag-and-drop interface and delight your customers to keep them coming back.


AI-enabled conversations are now a reality.

Automate conversations with customers to progress them in the sales funnel, gather information, and provide timely responses to their queries.

WhatsApp for Business

Be on the most famous messaging app globally.

Give your business a presence on the most popular mobile messaging app, and your customers, a rich brand experience.

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Messages, 2022

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Voice Calls, 2022

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.