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Clever Strategies to Encourage Meaningful Customer Conversations on WhatsApp

by | Apr 2, 2024

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From the moment a customer discovers your brand to the purchase stage and beyond, how you engage with your audience can make a world of difference. Customers have become averse to irrelevant communication and are tired of mass marketing messages that add no value. With conversation messaging, you can make customers feel connected to a business and foster long-term relationships. Read on to learn how you can spark meaningful customer conversations on WhatsApp.

Importance of WhatsApp for Customer Communication

As shopping behaviors continue to evolve, WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses seeking to connect with their customers. Mobile commerce is on the rise, with smartphones accounting for over three-quarters of retail site visits in the US  in Q4 2023.   

With an active user base exceeding 2 billion, WhatsApp offers a convenient channel for customers to connect with brands. WhatsApp’s robust features, such as automation and multimedia messages, make it easy for businesses to send personalized messages and elevate customer experiences. 

A Gartner report reveals that 80% of organizations are likely to compete primarily based on CX. WhatsApp’s advanced features, such as integration with other business systems and interactive messages, help businesses streamline communication and deliver superior customer experiences. 

Strategies to Encourage WhatsApp Conversations 

Here are a few ways you can get customers to initiate conversations with you –  

Strategy 1: Promote the Benefits and Your Availability on WhatsApp  

Simplicity is one of the notable benefits of WhatsApp. The number of smartphone mobile network subscriptions worldwide is forecast to exceed 7.7 billion by 2028. Customers appreciate the ease of connecting with a business on a mobile messaging app like WhatsApp.  

Highlight the advantages of choosing WhatsApp for customer service, such as quicker resolution and real-time assistance. Let customers know how they can reach you with just a few taps. Explain the tasks they can perform on WhatsApp, such as requesting a new credit card, getting order updates, receiving booking status, getting appointment reminders, and more. You can also showcase other WhatsApp commerce features that help provide frictionless end-to-end shopping experiences. 

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Strategy 2: Optimize Your WhatsApp Business Profile

Your WhatsApp business profile serves as the digital storefront and the first point of contact for customers. Make sure your business profile appeals to your target audience. Use compelling images, such as high-quality profile pictures and detailed descriptions. Remember, your profile serves as a sneak peek into your business, so make it count and leave a lasting impression. 

Additionally, include important information about your business, such as a relevant description, business address, email, website address, and working hours. You can also include a WhatsApp catalog so customers can browse your products and services and message you if they have questions.  

Strategy 3: Leverage Automation

Send automated welcome messages to customers when they first connect with your business on WhatsApp. Include a warm greeting, a brief introduction to your products or services, and details on how customers can find assistance. By providing information on how customers can get help, you invite them to engage further if they need support. This proactive approach demonstrates your willingness to help, encouraging customers to reach out to you and have more conversations.

Use WhatsApp Business automation via chatbots or automated replies to handle routine inquiries. Create a menu of options that customers can choose from, such as FAQs, product information, or support services. Customers can easily get the information they need, making the messaging experience smoother. Furthermore, the option to escalate complex issues to human agents ensures that customers receive personalized support when necessary, further fostering trust in your business.

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Strategy 4: Send Personalized Messages

Customers respond positively to brands that invest in relationships, not just transactions. 

Therefore, personalization goes a long way in building loyalty. According to a McKinsey study, 72% said they expect businesses to treat them as individuals and know their specific interests. 

Analyze customers’ preferences and behaviors to send personalized WhatsApp messages that enhance engagement. For example, if a customer is interested in a particular product or service, follow up with relevant information tailored to their needs.

Epsilon research indicates that 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when businesses offer personalized experiences. By demonstrating that you understand your customers and are committed to providing value, you can encourage more meaningful conversations that lead to conversions.

Strategy 5: Encourage Customer Feedback through WhatsApp

Incorporate customer feedback into your WhatsApp strategy and significantly enhance your business’s reputation. Reach out to customers on WhatsApp after their interaction with your business. Express gratitude for their engagement and prompt customers to provide their feedback. 

Include a rating scale to make it easy for customers to leave reviews directly on the chat interface. You can also share a link to a review form for quick access.

For instance: “Thanks for your purchase! Reply with a rating from 1 to 5 to tell us how you like our product. Your feedback helps us serve you better.”

Actively engage with customers who provide feedback on WhatsApp. Thank them for their input, address any concerns, and demonstrate your commitment to continuously improving your products or services.

Strategy 6: Promote Exclusive Offers and Discounts via WhatsApp

Creating a sense of urgency is a potent tactic to drive more conversations and conversions. Promote time-sensitive discounts that are exclusively available to WhatsApp subscribers. By offering limited-time deals, you can encourage prompt action. 

Reinforce the value of loyalty by highlighting the perks available to loyal customers. Whether exclusive discounts or early access to new products, it reminds customers of the special privileges they can enjoy.

For instance, you can send a WhatsApp message saying, “As a token of our appreciation for continued support, we’re delighted to offer you an additional members-only discount of 10% off your next purchase.”

Encourage satisfied customers to spread the word about your business by sharing their positive experiences with others. Incentivize referrals or reviews to motivate them further to become brand advocates.

For instance, you can send a WhatsApp message saying, “Love shopping with us? Share the joy with your friends! Refer a friend and both of you will unlock a special discount on your next purchase. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your support!”

Strategy 7: Implement Opt-In and Privacy Measures for Customer Trust

Collecting WhatsApp opt-ins is mandatory, and you can only have an ongoing conversation with customers if they have consented to chatting with you. WhatsApp opt-ins ensure customers have control over who they choose to interact with on the messaging platform.

Make it effortless for customers to opt-in to WhatsApp communication by providing clear step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Encourage customers to opt in using website pop-ups or by including WhatsApp in your app or website’s ‘Contact Us’ section. Articulate the advantages of opting in, such as receiving real-time delivery notifications or flight status updates on WhatsApp. 

Build Meaningful Connections with the WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business Platform is the perfect communication channel for enterprise businesses seeking to deliver superior messaging experiences. With the API-based platform’s automation capabilities, you can provide 24/7 support while reducing agent workload. Moreover, integration with business systems such as CRMs and analytical tools helps streamline communication flows for better efficiency.

Want to have customer conversations that convert? Talk to Kaleyra’s experts and take advantage of the WhatsApp Business Platform for your business success.

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