Build Loyalty With Exceptional E-Commerce Customer Experience

Your products and offerings are ready. It’s now time to take the plunge and rise above your competitors. Retain buyers and increase the average customer lifetime value by providing them the best e-commerce customer experience. Connect with them anytime, from anywhere, on a channel of their preference, like SMS, Voice Call, Email, WhatsApp, or Push Notifications.

Improve e-commerce customer service with Kaleyra

Instant Alerts

Win customer trust and confidence by staying in touch with them in real-time throughout their ecommerce journey. Trigger or automate updates about their orders, like tracking details, changes in delivery schedule, and status of refunds, cancellations, or returns.

Account Notifications

Safeguard your customers against fraudulent activities. Enable two-factor authentication services, and immediately notify customers in case of suspicious account activities. Get critical information delivered on multiple channels in no time.

24x7 Support

Provide a delightful e-commerce customer experience by ensuring round-the-clock support services. Set up a remote cloud contact center with Kaleyra to resolve complaints, address concerns, and assist buyers.

Personalized Offers

Make your buyers feel special to increase their order frequency. Share product launches and suggestions based on their behavior, and send customized deals and discount codes. Use our communication data analytics for better targeting.

Scalable Solutions

Experience cloud-based solutions that grow with you. Whether your customer base expands exponentially or a sale creates a massive surge in orders, Kaleyra can flexibly take care of all your communication requirements, without any hassle or delay.

Number Privacy

Secure identities of your customers and delivery agents with Kaleyra’s Call Masking capabilities. Track, record, and analyze metadata of all conversations in your system while maintaining their privacy.

Discover how you can boost e-commerce communications across channels

Start Your Journey Towards Customer Experience Success in Retail E-Commerce

Dive deep into what it takes to shine out as an e-commerce business. Understand the journey buyers take across channels, and discover how you can leverage technology as a tool for success. A must-read for new players!

Sustain E-Commerce Growth By Prioritizing Customer Experience

Take inspiration from a food e-commerce startup in India that walks the talk of customer-first principles. Learn what it takes to build a customer-focused brand on the inside and the outside.

Improve Shipping Experience For Customers With E-Commerce Logistics Intelligence

Share regular shipping alerts with buyers; keep them updated with ETA and milestone completions. Manage communications with all courier partners, delivery agents and customers in one place. Reduce return-to-origin (RTO) by integrating Kaleyra’s CPaaS suite with e-commerce logistics intelligence solutions.

The Kaleyra Advantage For E-Commerce Companies

Global Reach

Expand, move, merge or acquire — With a reach to hundreds of MNOs including all tier-1 US carriers, Kaleyra is present anywhere you need it.

Omnichannel Platform

Provide a cohesive branded experience to your customers with Kaleyra’s unified platform connecting all major communication channels.

Top-grade Security and Reliability

Experience stringent security of your data, robust APIs with 99.9% uptime, and scalable cloud offerings that ensure a seamless operational experience.

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.