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Why Programmable Video APIs are a Smart Choice for Your Business Communication

by | Mar 14, 2024

Programmable Video API

Every customer interaction counts nowadays as it presents an opportunity for businesses to highlight their values and strengths. According to Gartner, after a value-enhancing service interaction, customers were 82% likely to remain loyal when given a chance to switch. Despite automated messaging and AI-driven solutions revolutionizing customer service, the human element remains paramount. Video calling’s ability to add a personal touch to customer conversations makes it a powerful tool for meaningful communication. Learn how businesses looking to incorporate video communication capabilities can significantly benefit from programmable Video API solutions.

What is a Programmable Video API?

Programmable video APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a set of tools and services that allow businesses to integrate video communication functionalities into their existing platforms or applications. By leveraging programmable video solutions, businesses can customize video communication capabilities tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Programmable Video strikes the perfect balance, blending the simplicity and efficiency of low-code solutions with the flexibility and interoperability of APIs. A notable benefit is that they empower businesses to build custom communication solutions and perform tasks without requiring developer resources.

Benefits of programmable video APIs

Advantages of Programmable Video APIs

Let’s take a look at the benefits of programmable video solutions.

Business Agility 

Video calling APIs enable your business to swiftly adapt to shifts in customer preferences, emerging market trends, and rapid technological advancements. A McKinsey study reveals that highly agile transformations resulted in around 30% gains in efficiency and customer satisfaction. You can adjust your communication strategy dynamically by promptly integrating custom video calling functionalities, ensuring it aligns with customer expectations and industry developments. This allows you to seize new opportunities, mitigate risks, and stand out in a highly competitive landscape.


Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, programmable video solutions offer unparalleled customization options. You can customize the user interface or integrate features with other business applications to provide a seamless user experience. For example, you can incorporate company logos, colors, and branding elements into the interface for a cohesive look and feel. With brand consistency, businesses can increase revenue by up to 23 percent (Forbes)


Programmable Video APIs offer exceptional flexibility, enabling businesses to refine their communication solutions to ever-changing business needs. Kaleyra Video provides remarkable flexibility in integrations, allowing customers to tailor communication workflows according to their specific needs. Our versatile APIs seamlessly integrate with various tools, including booking systems, CRM platforms, and customer support software, enabling efficient and streamlined operations.


With Video APIs, you can expand your operations seamlessly without significant infrastructure changes or service disruptions. API-based video calling solutions can accommodate growth and fluctuations in demand without compromising performance or user experience. 

Collaboration and Productivity

Video APIs can be integrated with other applications and workflows, allowing businesses to embed video communication functionalities into their existing ecosystem. Integration with CRM systems, automation tools, and other platforms enhances productivity and streamlines workflows. 


With video APIs, businesses can avoid the upfront costs of building and maintaining complex hardware or software infrastructure. Moreover, you can optimize costs and maximize efficiency by building a real-time video calling project that aligns perfectly with your budget. 


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Programmable Video Vs Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Traditional off-the-shelf video calling solutions offer convenience, but they often lack the customization, scalability, and integration capabilities of programmable video APIs. The one-size-fits-all approach of off-the-shelf solutions limits businesses’ ability to offer custom video calling experiences. In contrast, programmable video APIs empower businesses to create bespoke, feature-rich solutions that cater to their specific use cases and requirements.

With Programmable Video APIs, businesses have full control over the user interface, branding, and functionality of their video communication applications. Moreover, programmable video solutions allow seamless integration with other systems, enabling businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure and tools.

Diverse Use Cases of Video APIs

Here are a few use cases of Video calling APIs – 

Virtual Consultations 

Healthcare, insurance, legal, and financial advisory firms can leverage video APIs to offer virtual consultations with customers. By offering an alternative to in-person meetings, they can provide convenient and accessible services while maintaining a personal touch. Moreover, the robust security of video API platforms and compliance with regulatory standards instill trust in customers by ensuring that sensitive data remains protected.  

Authentication and Fraud Prevention

Highly regulated industries like banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, and even real estate can digitally verify customer identity using real-time video APIs integrated into their apps, platforms, or KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions. This allows companies to carry out confidential operations during a live Video call without compromising security.

Remote Support and Troubleshooting 

Integrating programmable Video APIs into customer support processes helps offer superior technical assistance. Video chat allows customer service agents to visually assess issues, demonstrate solutions, and guide customers through problem-solving steps, leading to faster resolutions, improved satisfaction, and considerable cost savings.

Online Product Demos 

E-commerce companies and software providers can use video APIs for remote product demonstrations. With the help of the screen share feature, agents or sales representatives can showcase product features, navigate through interfaces, and provide hands-on demonstrations to potential customers, promoting product adoption and driving sales.

Interactive Workshops 

Businesses across industries can conduct interactive workshops to enhance customer engagement. Programmable video APIs can help customers easily book and join sessions and receive timely reminders by integrating with booking systems.

Remote Inspections 

Banking, real estate, and insurance companies can use video APIs for remote inspections.  Integrating with CRM systems allows representatives to access property or account details, streamlining the inspection process and improving data accuracy.

Why Kaleyra Video is the Perfect Communication Solution for Your Business

Kaleyra Video is the most customizable audio and video WebRTC calling product on the market that guarantees top-notch security and high-quality calls. Kaleyra’s cloud-based Rest APIs and SDKs make integration with other communication channels and platforms effortless. Experience hassle-free implementation of a white-label solution with Kaleyra Video without any third-party software, infrastructure, or installation.

Kaleyra has developed a Customer Support Enhancer Solution designed for businesses seeking to elevate their digital customer support while remaining cost-effective. This comprehensive solution for live customer engagement transcends conventional white-label Video APIs and SDKs, delivering a fully immersive and dynamic customer experience. With full-scale UX and UI development, integration of features such as booking tools, and system integration with CRM, marketing automation, and other platforms, businesses can streamline their operations across multiple touchpoints. 

Moreover, with Kaleyra’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities, businesses can proactively optimize their strategies and make data-driven decisions to deliver memorable customer experiences. Talk to our experts to learn more.


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