Increase Conversions with Direct Carrier Billing 

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), also known as Direct Operator Billing enables consumers to pay for a purchase without a credit card, as the charge is applied to their mobile phone bill. 

Thanks to the acquisition of mGage, Kaleyra now allows businesses to generate a new revenue stream with the introduction of Direct Carrier Billing, a seamless and fast payment flow. This not only helps reduce drop-off rates but also increases the likelihood of customers completing transactions.

Power your business with safe and efficient process payments

Easy Implementation

Kaleyra’s enterprise-grade APIs allow you to easily integrate payment solutions into your existing applications.

Quick Authentication

Kaleyra automatically recognizes the payer’s mobile number (MSISDN) for a frictionless user experience.

Compliance Updates

Kaleyra’s in-house compliance team ensures you are regularly informed of changing regulations.

Greater Security

Users’ data remains safe as they do not need to provide sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or CVC codes to complete the transaction.

Fast Checkout

In just one click, the user is taken to checkout, promoting increased ease of use and reduced dropouts.

Competitive Rates

Kaleyra’s competitive rates combined with the higher conversions offered by direct carrier billing help provide an impressive ROI.

Simplify payments across services with Direct Carrier Billing


Invite micro-payments while offering your business services, such as news, media, health and fitness programs, and the like.

In-app payments

Easily collect payments from within your mobile applications such as games, social networking, delivery and logistics, etc.


Collect political donations or charities for a cause with the quick and easy Direct Carrier Billing payment method.

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