Expand your business with Premium SMS

Cater to a broader audience, especially the groups that do not use credit cards, with the widely accepted mobile billing option – Premium SMS (PSMS) – and increase your revenues.

Payments are charged directly to the consumer’s mobile phone bill or deducted from their prepaid balance, without requiring additional access to a bank card or internet connection.

Use Premium SMS For Diverse Business Use Cases

Carry out high volume micro payments.

Accept donations, invite subscriptions, or share surveys.

Trigger engaging mobile marketing campaigns.

Leverage the Kaleyra Advantage For Premium SMS

Easy Implementation

The enterprise-grade APIs by mGage, now acquired by Kaleyra, allow you to quickly and swiftly integrate payment solutions into your existing applications.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated account management and technical teams are available round the clock to support you and ensure your payment process is streamlined and simple.

Operator Compliance

With over 1600 network operator connections around the world, we are constantly updated with their rules & requirements so you don’t have to worry about scaling to different geographies. 

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