Conversational Chatbots

Conversational bots to delight customers

Automate chatbot customer care interactions with AI-based conversations that solve the customers’ problems in real-time.

Quick Responses

Boost brand image by answering your customers’ queries in real-time.

Human-like interaction

Give your brand a human voice and interact in a deeply-personal way within a conversational chatbot UX design.

Easy Integration

Set the chatbot up to work with your WhatsApp account with our simple APIs.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Pre-set Algorithms

Leverage pre-set data types and natural language processing algorithms to fully understand the context of customer requests.

Easy Bot Training

Feed in data to instruct your conversational chatbot dataset and facilitate continuous improvement of your bot’s ability to speak like a human. 

Agent Hand-off

Pass the conversation over to customer service representatives at the appropriate moment, without losing context.


Chatbots can serve your customers around the world in the language of their choice, with intelligent language switching.

Give your chatbots the power of integrations

WhatsApp for Business

Kaleyra’s chatbots work with WhatsApp for Business APIs. Get your brand on the most used instant messaging app globally, today.

Native integrations

Thanks to native integrations with enterprise CRM and marketing software, your chatbots get the mot updated data about your customers in real-time.

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We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.