Keep Customers Engaged With Cross-Channel Unified Communication

mGage, now a part of Kaleyra, helps brands with diverse media and telecom offerings deliver integrated messaging campaigns in no time.

Businesses can choose to integrate with Kaleyra’s robust APIs or leverage our proprietary no-code cloud platform to share branded communication across channels.

Discover Cloud Communication Use Cases For Media and Telecom Sector

Improve customer service communications

Automate common customer care processes, share live tracking updates of the assigned technician, and offer 24×7 virtual support to increase customer satisfaction.

Confirm on-demand orders

Share instantly and securely confirmations of customer purchases, such as movies, sports events, PPV specials and other on-demand content.

Deliver special programming alerts

Send real-time or scheduled alerts to customers notifying them of upcoming shows and events based on their viewing or listening habits and preferences.

Trigger personalized communication

Send targeted messages via email, SMS, WhatsApp or mobile app, to inform your audience of programming that matters to them and keep them engaged with your services.

Explore Kaleyra’s wide range of communication channels

Upgrade your business communication with Kaleyra’s CPaaS suite

Global Reliability

With a reach to hundreds of MNOs including all tier-1 US carriers, we provide high-quality communication services that can help you instantly connect with your educational community worldwide.

Omnichannel Platform

Kaleyra unites all available communication channels by integrating data, technology, and communication across the education sector to enhance the brand experience that your stakeholders have with you.

Top-grade Security and Reliability

Security breaches cause data loss, service disruptions, and reputation damage that add to high costs for educational institutes. We offer Top-grade security to all our customers across different industry verticals.

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.