Push Notification API

Push notifications to iOS, Android and Huawei devices

Ensure that critical transactional messages reach your customers in a timely, secure and reliable fashion, wherever they are and whatever their device is.

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 One API to rule them all

Stay Relevant

Nurture your customers to conversion by reaching them at the ideal time with event-based or time-based triggers.

Notify any device

Seamless reach to any device with Kaleyra Push Notification supporting FCM, APN and Push Kit provider.

Reliable Delivery

Rest assured that notifications will reach the user, with Kaleyra’s message queueing and SMS fallback mechanisms.

Push through the crowd

Robust APIs

Build notification capabilities at scale for your business growth.

Custom Templates

Set predefined message templates to deliver based on trigger events.


Every request has its own unique identifier to track its lifecycle.


Keep an eye on notification delivery health.

Popular Push Notification Use Cases

One-Time Passwords

Transaction Alerts

Order Status Updates

Appointment Reminders


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