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May, 03 2018

Why you should be using an automated marketing tool for your business

While Automated Marketing may seem like a straightforward concept with the name giving it all away, there’s more to it than there seems. That’s why we’re here to describe some of the many advantages to using an automated marketing tool for your business.   CRM, one of the most famous marketing acronyms, standing for Customer [&...
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April, 26 2018

Digital payment systems are becoming more advanced and secure. What is the role and the future of Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology seems to be key in conversations surrounding new technology and the future of finance. Almost everyone has heard about it, but how many people actually know what it is? We’re here to change that. Whenever you here talk of Blockchain technology, the mention of Bitcoin is never far behind. Why? Blockchain was origina...
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April, 24 2018

Breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry

Keeping in mind the theme for women’s day #PressforProgress, our Communications team wanted to run a series of stories about the women here at Kaleyra. Today, we are bringing you the first of the stories from our Kaleyra Family! Talking about gender parity, equal pay for a day (usually on International Women’s day) is easy [&h...
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April, 19 2018

Mobile Finance Report : Alert Text Messages and Push Notifications volumes registered during 1Q of 2018

In the following article, we intend to analyze the data from the first quarter of 2018 and compare it to previous years and trends with a focus on a direct comparison to last year 2017. The data that we have collected comes directly from Kaleyra, and spans from January to March. Our data focuses on […]...
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