We are Kaleyra.

Kaleyra follows in the footsteps of those visionaries that combine determination, passion, loyalty and intuition to reach new horizons, overcoming obstacles or finding new paths. We are fully aware of the fact that “if you want something you never had before, you must do something you have never done before.”

Kaleyra Values

Agility to Learn

Grow | Diversity | Change

Being agile while learning, unlearning and changing with business scenarios

Inspiring Trust

Believe | Respect | Appreciate

Being consistent and supportive with each other

Collaborate Beyond Boundaries

Help | Share | Innovation

Keeping collaboration as the key focus area of business

Customer Promise

Empathy | Partner | Serve

Constantly emphasizing customer engagement

Execution Excellence

Pride | Passion | Fun

Being committed, loyal and passionate

Integrity in Action

Honest | Ethical | Clear

Showing respect to workers while emphatizing conversation

What to expect when you join us

Global Exposure

With numerous events happening across the world, get a chance to showcase your talent at the International level. We believe in taking risks and innovating and not get bogged by processes.

Diverse Workforce

Get a chance to work with peers who bring diverse opinions to the table but are unified for building great products to simplify business communication.

Fun Environment

We strive to break the monotony of being chained to desks. Right from high chairs, comfy couches, play stations, and fun board games, when you work for Kaleyra you get to enjoy a world of comfort.


Global Offices




Male-Female Ratio



Be a part of an upbeat, dynamic and fun-loving team that loves to make a difference in the way things work.