Get more out of Kaleyra Cloud.

Do more within the applications you already use by simply adding on our plug-ins. 

Integrations for Messaging 


Install this plugin and configure your account to send global messaging campaigns. Customize your messages and stay connected with your leads seamlessly.


Send personalized SMS to your customer database with our Excel plug-in. Our Outlook plug-in can help you get notifications on appointments, calendar events, and new emails right on your mobile device.


Integrate your account with this plug-in to send order status and shipment details to your customers, and stay informed on checkouts, new registers and orders via SMS.


Our AppCloud plug-in for Oracle Eloqua adds text messaging to your marketing automation. Configure globally compliant SMS campaigns, and collect user responses and opt-out requests.


With the PrestaShop plug-in, you can send messages to your customers for discounts, coupon codes and vouchers to keep them engaged.


Keep in touch with your customers, leads, accounts, and contacts using SMS. Schedule messages, send Unicode & bulk messages, create templates and more, all from one platform.


Get notified on potential leads and tickets via regular SMS updates and never miss a lead as you integrate your CRM with Kaleyra.


Build stronger relationships with your leads and contacts using the Vtiger plug-in as you stay updated with instantaneous alerts and notifications on potential leads and tickets.


Install this plugin and configure your account to send messaging campaigns. Customize your messages and stay connected with your leads seamlessly.


Integrate your WordPress blog or website with Kaleyra tools to get alert services on form submissions.

Integrations for Voice


With the Zendesk Plugin, your customers can connect with your support agents, hassle-free. Raising a ticket, recording a complaint and checking ticket status – all just a call away with Kaleyra Cloud.


With the Freshdesk-Dialstreet integration, you can put a number to your helpdesk and see all your conversations with customers get converted to tickets automatically. Your customers can also record a complaint over call or get the status of their ticket on the fly.


Happyfox Dialstreet lets you give your helpdesk a unique identity while your agents contact your customers seamlessly. With a smart tracker, you can also record your customer-agent interactions for training and quality assurance purposes.

 Need an integration?

We’re always happy to bring Kaleyra Cloud functionality to you wherever you need it.

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