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9 WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies to Drive Engagement in 2024

by | Aug 8, 2023

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

Customer experience reigns supreme, and CX leaders worldwide are looking for simple yet high-tech solutions that can ensure seamless experiences. With its enormous reach and flexible APIs, WhatsApp Business Platform has emerged as a perfect channel for businesses to engage customers at scale. Crafting a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign, however, requires a thorough understanding of the platforms’ capabilities and your customers’ needs. 

Why are WhatsApp Marketing Strategies Powerful?

Let’s take a look at a few compelling WhatsApp statistics that make it obvious why leading businesses choose WhatsApp for marketing.

  • WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant mobile messaging apps, with at least 2 billion monthly active users as of January 2023 – Statista 
  • WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries globally – WhatsApp 
  • The number of WhatsApp users in the U.S. is projected to reach 85.8 million in 2023 – Statista 
  • More than 175 million people message a WhatsApp Business account every day. – WhatsApp Business Blog 
  • WhatsApp Business crossed the milestone of 200 million monthly active users – Meta 
  • WhatsApp has an average open rate of 98% – WhatsApp Business Blog 

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Account 

Let’s look at the top WhatsApp Business Account Benefits – 

Customer Engagement Across the Funnel 

WhatsApp Business allows you to share a description of your business and a Product Catalog to display your offerings, along with a website link and contact details. This helps customers explore your products/services and easily reach you. Once customers have made a purchase, you can use WhatsApp Commerce functionalities to send relevant messages to engage them along the buying journey.

Effortless Communication

Being available on a channel customers are already on makes it easier for businesses to establish long-lasting relationships. The smartphone user base is projected to reach 6.2 billion by 2028. WhatsApp’s interactive features and media messages improve the quality of communication and help build meaningful customer connections.

Enhanced Customer Support

Integrating WhatsApp with CRM and other communication channels, marketing tools, and customer support software gives you a deeper understanding of the customer. This makes it easier to proactively answer customer queries and share useful information for quick resolution.


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Tips for a Successful WhatsApp Marketing Campaign 

Here are a few WhatsApp Marketing strategies to keep in mind while planning your WhatsApp campaigns for marketing

1. Choose the Best WhatsApp Business API Provider

    For businesses that find the WhatsApp Business App limiting, the WhatsApp Business Platform is the clear choice for customer engagement at scale. However, you may need developer resources to use the API-based application interface. Working with WhatsApp partners called Business Solution Providers (BSP) makes it easy to manage conversations and connect with customers. Trusted BSPs that have expert knowledge of the platform can help you get the most out of WhatsApp and increase ROI. 

    Make sure you pick the best WhatsApp Business API provider or BSP who has outstanding customer support like Kaleyra. Kaleyra’s customer-centric approach and responsive team have enabled several enterprises to increase their revenues through WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Moreover, Kaleyra’s powerful WhatsApp solution integrates with several backend systems, such as CRM and Marketing automation tools, for seamless communication.

    Go for BSPs that are transparent about their pricing and have a platform that is easy to use. An excellent BSP can help you easily set up auto-replies and elevate your CX. Check whether they will guide you to set up WhatsApp Business profiles and ensure compliance with data protection and other regulations. 

    WhatsApp Click-to-Chat Ads

    2. Generate Leads with Click-to-Chat Ads

    An effective way to attract customers to WhatsApp is to run Click-to-message ads that you can show on Facebook and Instagram. Include a Send message button that opens a conversation thread in WhatsApp Business. When customers click the button on your ad, they can immediately connect with you on WhatsApp. 

    You can create a WhatsApp link or QR code for the click-to-chat ads. Once customers click the WhatsApp link, you’ll get their phone number without them having to fill out a form.

    3. Grow Your WhatsApp List

    Having a comprehensive WhatsApp list allows you to reach a large audience. You can build your list by sharing a WhatsApp Link on all the digital channels your business owns. 

    Announce your availability on WhatsApp through social media posts and run email campaigns that share the WhatsApp link. You can also embed WhatsApp on Website and bring your visitors to WhatsApp. By integrating a ‘WhatsApp’ button on your website that directs your visitors to the messaging channels, you can grow your list. Once the customers land on your WhatsApp, you can engage them by sharing relevant messages and providing prompt responses. 

    Please note that collecting WhatsApp opt-in is mandatory before you can send promotional messages or communicate outside the 24-hour window after the customer has initiated the conversation.  

    4. Create Audience Segments

    Segmenting your customer list into sub-groups based on characteristics such as entry points, age, gender, location, etc., helps run targeted WhatsApp marketing campaigns. For example, you can create a segment for an audience who landed on your WhatsApp from ads. Similarly, you can have a separate segment of customers who have made repeat purchases in the last six months. Customer segments make your marketing efforts more focused and effective. 

    5. Personalize Your Communication

    Studies show that customers not only want personalization but expect it from brands. 97% of respondents said they noticed a measurable spike in business outcomes due to their personalization efforts.

    Send relevant messages to your audience segments for maximum engagement. For example, customers who regularly bought infant clothing over the last six months may be interested in toys during the holiday gifting season. Announcing new toys and discounts on popular games can increase the chances of conversions. Make sure you include the customer’s name in the messages so that your communication feels personal. 


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    6. Send Promotional Messages  

    Sending regular WhatsApp marketing messages helps you stay on top of your customer’s minds. 

    Here are the bulk WhatsApp promotional messages you can send

    • Discounts and offers with coupon codes
    • Seasonal sale 
    • New product launch
    • Event announcements

    For example, you can share an exclusive sneak peek of the new phone or smartwatch that is launching to pique the customers’ interest. Similarly, you can share monthly and weekly deals with opted-in users to encourage more purchases.

    WhatsApp abandoned cart recovery message

    7. Plan Drip Campaigns

    Most businesses use email drip campaigns to nurture prospects and engage existing customers. Given the popularity of mobile messaging channels, many are turning to WhatsApp drip campaigns. By planning WhatsApp business marketing campaigns that regularly send automated personalized messages to your audience segments, you can promote a brand and foster strong customer relationships.   

    Customers who have discovered your product may not go ahead and buy it straight away. They may linger in the consideration phase for a while. Sending customer testimonials and sharing product features and benefits can guide them across the sales funnel. 

    For example, you can set up notifications for abandoned carts. Customers who have added items to the cart but have yet to check out can be persuaded with a discount to complete the purchase. Once the purchase is complete, you can continue to engage with customers by sharing tutorials and tips so that they get the best value from your product. For example, you can send photography ideas to customers who have purchased a camera. You can go on to share product recommendations for camera accessories, such as lenses and tripods, for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

    8. Collect Feedback and Incentivize Referrals

    Customer feedback is critical to business success as it gives actionable insights for growth. By leveraging WhatsApp Business Automation capabilities, you can create customer surveys and easily collect valuable feedback. Make sure to encourage delighted customers to spread the word and incentivize them to do so. 

    Run loyalty programs that offer rewards points that can be redeemed on future purchases. This helps in attracting prospective customers and retaining existing customers to your business. 

    WhatsApp Business For Customer Success

    9. Run WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns 

    WhatsApp Business marketing campaigns that retarget a specific set of users increase the likelihood of conversions. You can use WhatsApp analytics to get insights on which customers to retarget.

    For example, one of the WhatsApp Marketing strategies you can use is to send promotional offers to customers who replied to your sale announcement message. You can also send specific promotional messages to customers who responded within a few hours, indicating an interest in your offerings.   

    Connect and Convert with Effective WhatsApp Campaigns  

    With Kaleyra and WhatsApp, you can elevate your customer engagement and drive more conversions. Take advantage of our advanced capabilities to have meaningful conversations that lead to more sales. Increase your revenues and see incredible business outcomes through WhatsApp marketing campaign strategies. 

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