SMS Versus Voice Calls: 13 Reasons Why SMS Wins!

SMS Versus Voice Calls: 13 Reasons Why SMS Wins!
By Darell Khinn . 12 Nov 2018 . image 6 min read

SMS Versus Voice call: is there really that much of a difference in their impact? 10 years ago this may not have been an argument worth pursuing, in 2018 the implications are far more significant that one could imagine. Even more so when the primary goal is to pique the receiver’s curiosity.

While a phone call is probably the ideal means of communication to wish a loved one on their birthday, from a marketing standpoint, it tends to have the opposite impact. Seems like an exaggeration, doesn’t it? Here are 13 reasons that would make that statement more believable.

#1. Response rates

How many times have you hung up on the telecaller the minute they try to get you to switch to a new internet provider? We are all guilty of doing it and as harsh as our reaction might seem in hindsight, we simply do not have the time to spend the 2 to 3 minutes that it takes to answer a phone call and hear the caller out. Text messages are precise and easy to skim through. According to statistics, 99% of all text messages sent are opened. Think about it: which would you be more likely to do? Open a promotional text message or answer a phone call from an unidentified number?

#2. Flexibility

An average phone call lasts approximately 2 minutes. This includes exchanging pleasantries and providing context to the purpose of the call before the message in question has been delivered. Additionally, most of these phone calls are made during the caller’s work day, which also happens to be the customer’s workday as well. A text message, on the other hand, gives the receiver an option of reading your text at their own convenience. Furthermore, it takes not more than 90 seconds for a person to read and decipher a text message.

#3. Customer Preference

Most businesses today have prioritized customer experience over the product that they are trying to market. A customer’s experience could be the only thing standing in the way of them choosing your product over your competitor’s. That being said, millennials make up a large section of most businesses’ target audience. Most people between the ages of 18 to 24 send approximately 67 texts each day and receive over 1,000. 

#4. Accessibility

When compared to a voice call, a text message makes a company seem far more accessible. Phone, wallet, keys: things that almost everyone makes sure they have on them before they leave the house. The cell phone is now a basic necessity. People consume information on the go, which means it is not just enough that the customer has access to your web platform. As already mentioned, 99% of text messages sent are opened. Therefore, it is imperative that text messaging be a part of a company’s marketing campaign.   

SMS Versus Voice Calls


#5. Noticeability

If your competitors aren’t using SMS marketing yet, this could be a great way to gain an edge over them. If they already do and you don’t, then your chances of standing out are likely to peter out.

#6. Convenience

Texting has become the most basic form of communication for a number of reasons, the most important one being convenience. At a time where everything is fast paced and people are looking for easier ways to go about their daily life, why should this be any different? Most customers are unlikely to call because the process of being switched from one person to the other in addition to being put on hold just doesn’t seem worth the effort. A text message minimizes all of that.

#7. Real-time delivery

If there is a time-sensitive offer or a marketing campaign, a text message can be far more effective than a phone call.    

#8. Cost efficiency

Sending out bulk promotional text messages is far cheaper than making one 2-minute phone call at a time.

#9. Integration with other channels

SMS marketing cannot be the sole strategy for a successful campaign. However, it makes for a great medium to integrate and enhance your email and phone marketing strategies.

#10. Customer engagement

Customer engagement is the heart of every marketing strategy. A text message is the simplest way to enhance customer engagement. When the entire world seems to be in the biggest hurry, a phone call would be perceived as more of an inconvenience than anything else.

#11. Tracking improvement

It is far easier to track the progress of a marketing campaign through a text message than a phone call. Keeping in mind the response rates and the engagement factor, a text message can help in segregating the section that is more likely to respond from those that are uninterested.

#12. Website Hits

According to research, only 40% of web traffic takes place through a computer. Mobile devices constitute more than half of a website’s viewers. A link in a text message is more likely to increase the number of visitors to your website than an email or a voice call.

#13. Simple set up

Since most promotional text messages are automated, it is far easier to execute than a phone call.

We trust that you’ve seen the argument leans stronger towards SMS. Let’s make every SMS communication with your customer count. No one knows SMS communications better than Kaleyra does.

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