Why businesses should use Kaleyra’s TXTLY

Why businesses should use Kaleyra’s TXTLY
By Pooja AV . 30 Aug 2018 . image 10 min read

Lengthy URLs are a thing of the past. With the introduction of URL shorteners like, tinyurl, businesses no longer wanted to use lengthy URLs while sending text messages and reaching customers on their phones.

When businesses choose to promote their products, offers, services on social media or via mobile marketing, having lengthy url links is a deal breaker. It is not only unwieldy but takes up too many characters when business choose SMS marketing or social media marketing which pose character restraints.

Length URLs also are not very good for getting analytics and do not help much in tracking the success of marketing campaigns. But using shortened URLs can change the way businesses reach out to customers. It can provide detailed analytics and let businesses know the success rate of marketing campaigns, understand their target audience at much deeper level, retarget audience while launching of newer products etc.

Read this blog to get the answers for Ws- What and Why do these URL shorteners help businesses.

What is Txtly?

Kaleyra brings it very own URL shortener TXTLY that helps businesses provide a personalized experience to its customers. Txtly allows businesses to shorten, customize and track URLs in an advanced way.

What does Txtly do?

Txtly helps campaign managers to execute marketing campaigns, track and analyze click-through rates. It helps them filter their audience by obtaining information about browser, device type and brand, operating system, geolocation and message time stamp.

Businesses can attach documents, and images to enhance their mobile marketing efforts through Txtly shortened links.

Why businesses should use Txtly?

Txtly acts more than just a typical URL shortener.  It acts as a way of brand recognition, makes lengthy links seem more manageable, acts as a lead generation tool and much more.

Here’s 5 ways that Txtly can help your business:

  1. Link tracking

This goes on top of the list without a doubt. It has to be the number one reason why businesses should use short URLs.

Digital media marketers, social media campaign creators, marketing campaigners predominantly choose URL shorteners to capture detailed analytics and real-time metrics. This can be done by knowing how many clicks have been received, understand which platform is garnering more attention and bringing in customers for the business.

Txtly makes link tracking very easy with a user friendly dashboard and reports that gives you details about user device, browser, mobile number, date, time, IP address, geolocation etc.

  1. Link shortening

Customers find it annoying to check those lengthy URLs with a gazillion random numbers in the link which makes no real sense to them. It also makes few customers grow suspicious about links thinking it might be a scam or phishing attack.

The true power of URL shorteners can be seen when Click through rates (CTRs) are compared for lengthy URLs against shortened URLs using detailed analytics. The shorter link will have the maximum click through rates due to the fact that they are more appealing to the customers. This clean appeal makes customers think that the shortened URLs are more trustworthy. There is an added advantage of saving space on those precious character limit that most of the social media platforms and message windows provide.

Shortened links allows businesses to add context and redirect customers to their preferred platform and convey the complete message in the limited character space available.

  1. Link rotating

Link rotating helps businesses expand their marketing reach. With advanced features that the URL shorteners like Txtly provide, businesses can customize these short links and take it up a notch. By using the advanced features, businesses can split traffic and redirect customers on the chosen platform in the link.

Businesses can choose if they want 50-50 or 65-35 or any percentage and redirect users on a landing page of their choice and handle audience more smartly.

  1. Link customization

Every business concentrates on providing a personalized customer experience. Each customer looks for something unique to make them feel welcome and special.

Advanced Txtly features helps businesses achieve the same within minutes. It allows businesses to shorten lengthy URL links which are actually unique to every mobile number. Advanced Txtly allows businesses to attach PDFs, documents, images into the short links and share them with customers making it a great tool to track customer views.

Campaign success is greater when the messages received are more personalized making the customer feel valued. This is one of the best marketing strategies to connect with a larger target audience and at the same time achieve personalization driving sales higher.

  1. Link insights

Know your audience by getting a readymade Opt-in list by gaining insights on the people who have actually opened the links sent.

Txtly helps businesses with its features like providing details on status of links whether viewed or not, and Advanced Txtly helps businesses to know which mobile numbers actually opened the links, device of the user, geolocation, date and time stamp for the link opened, browser details etc.

These insights help businesses to understand who their target audience are and thus manage contacts, favorites, groups etc. and keep them saved to send links only to the target audience for future campaigns.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages that businesses can derive using short URL links created by Kaleyra’s Txtly, they can also get brand recognition since these links land directly into customers’ inbox which makes it a great way for customers to remember the brands.

Txtly also helps lead generation by allowing businesses to concentrate on building products, while Kaleyra provides insights above customer usage making it a great tool for lead generation.

Kaleyra’s platform is extremely secure and uses 128-bit SSL encryption to deliver messages to customers. Cloud-based messaging platform by Kaleyra allows businesses to send millions of messages in a day to customers across the globe without any scaling issues. With a round the clock customer support team helping businesses solve their queries and 99.9% uptime, Kaleyra’s platform is the perfect choice to deliver messages in a reliable way.

Convey your story better through Kaleyra’s Txtly. Use our short links and reach customers faster. Visit to know more about our products and schedule a live demo today by dropping us an email on

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