RCS is built and designed to take your messaging service a step
ahead. Engage your customers and make text messaging more
interactive with brand enhancing media functionality that is more
conversational, trusted and verified which gives your business the
opportunity to send in rich media that is otherwise incompatible with
standard messaging services.

RCS lets you reach out to your customers on their native messaging
app. Engage your customers by sending in locations, embed
suggested reply, share videos, audios, rich media cards and add in file
attachments. RCS also allows you to check read receipts, while
monitoring your clicks and conversions.

Upgrade your Customer's Native messaging experience

Engaging Communication that can take your customer relationship up a notch.

Multiple Numbers

Rich Media Messaging

SMS is powerful, but with the new capabilities of RCS, you can now share images, videos and audios without having to worry about MMS incompatibility. Share card carousels of your products or services and transactions done on your platform.

Zero Cost

Conversational Interactions

Engage customers and ensure faster response rate with suggested replies that can help you understand what they are looking for, and suggested CTA’s that can improve your chances of converting your customers.

Avoid Spamming

Effective Branding

Customise your chat with brand colours, logo and your brand name and keep your messaging consistent. Extend your branding with company description, branded rich media and programmed replies that are in in sync with your products and solutions.

Agent Activity Reporting

Insight Monitoring and Reporting

Get instant delivery reports and track engagement, monitor open time and get a dashboard view of click through rates on your suggested actions and let your customers interact with you in real-time basis to get a feel of your brand’s responsiveness.

Agent Activity Reporting

Trusted/ Verified Messages

Build transparency and gain your customer’s trust with the verified badge that lets your consumer know know that they’re interacting with a genuine business.

Build exactly what you imagine

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