SMS Essentials – Part 3: Channeling SMS Notifications For Customer Engagement

SMS Essentials – Part 3: Channeling SMS Notifications For Customer Engagement
By Darell Khin . 11 Dec 2018 . image 4 min read

If you are a business and you are not using one of the most engaging means of communication with your customers, you are missing out a lot on customer loyalty. In this post, we take a look at some common misconceptions and some great benefits that an SMS notification can bring to all your customers keeping them informed of your latest products, offers and important updates that are bound to make them feel personally attended to. If you aren’t on this bandwagon yet, jump right on it. But before that, here’s some history.

The very first SMS dates back to December 1992. In terms of the timeline at which technology evolves, communication through SMSes could very well be perceived as the equivalent of a carrier pigeon. However, a survey conducted by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum in 2016 revealed that text messages were still in the top 3 modes of communication in terms of global reach.

Here’s why SMS notifications are great for customer engagement:


Unlike the spam filters that are built in for emails, SMS notifications ensure a 100% delivery rate. If you’re looking to reach to your customer, SMS notifications provide a direct link.


Every single mobile phone has the ability to receive a text message. This broadens a business’s ability to reach a larger group of people.

Customers Demand must be your command


SMSes are short. The information in them is limited to 160 characters and it provides the customer with information that they require with disrupting their daily routine.

Open Rates

According to research, SMSes have a 98% open rate and most of these take place within 3 minutes of the message being delivered.

One of the main reasons why businesses do not choose SMSes as a marketing tool is because it seems irrelevant. After 25 years, it does not seem like the most obvious choice. Why? Because most people communicate via web-based, chat applications. This assumption is misleading since these chat applications are often used for personal communication. SMS in 2018 is more relevant now for businesses since it is associated as a  means of communication with a business.

Take a look at another article we wrote to see how the humble SMS was, is and will be the future of communication to see why this is still such an important and relevant technology in today’s business world.

If a business is looking to broaden its customer base, SMS notifications offer a more efficient function.

Targeting customers is easy when it comes to SMS marketing. A customer is never going to wonder why they’re receiving a notification from a business because the customer usually opts-in or subscribes for updates. SMS notifications also give customers the choice of interacting rather than being forced to do so through a phone call.

While emails and social media are still popular means of communication, they require the recipient to have an internet connection. A promotional notification on one of these channels is very easy to ignore. Furthermore, notifications for these channels can very easily be disabled. SMS notifications will always show up on a cell phone.

SMSes have evolved and adapted to every mobile platform more efficiently than any other channel of text-based communication, in addition to being capable of promoting other marketing media. The stats for response rates for text messages cannot be ignored. It only seems outdated because it is one of the first forms of instant communication through a mobile device.

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