Trigger automated voice calls and set up IVR flows in just a few clicks.

Provide a seamless customer experience with Kaleyra Voice: share updates, send OTPs, offer support, and gather feedback, all from one single platform.
Verified SMS

Boost E-Commerce Customer Experience With Kaleyra Voice

Commercial Calls

Give a human touch to your marketing and promotional campaigns by connecting customers to real people.

Secure Conversations

Enable calls between agents and customers with phone number masking to ensure high identity security.

Seamless Platform

Enjoy Kaleyra’s voice capabilities with our no-code, easy-to-use cloud platform, or our robust APIs.

Do More With Kaleyra CPaaS Suite

Contact Center

Remotely set up, manage, access a cloud Contact Center for your e-commerce business. Enjoy intelligent agent routing, smart analytics, and global connectivity with Kaleyra Voice.


Choose from a wide range of local, mobile, and toll-free numbers to serve your diverse audiences better. Connect agents situated remotely with customers anytime, from anywhere.


Create elaborate flows for customer journeys initiated by incoming calls. Resolve queries instantly with smart IVR flows and reduce the burden on your support team.

Verified Calls

Increase call-answer rate and boost brand trust by incorporating Google’s Verified Calls in your communications. Kaleyra can help your e-commerce business get registered with Google easily.

Get a sneak peak of Kaleyra Voice

Watch our demo videos to understand how you can make the most of voice communication to improve your e-commerce customer experience.

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Get The Best E-Commerce Customer Experience With IVR

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We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.