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Benefits of 2 Factor Authentication

by | Sep 10, 2018

One of the primary 2FA benefits includes an extra layer of security to users with delivering OTPs that are valid only for a short duration of time. This is a more secure solution and works best to tackle any breach since OTPs triggered are delivered onto a registered mobile number and email ID reducing the risks involved and adding an additional layer of protection.

When we hear the word Cloud, it’s the general norm to assume the data is not safe. Though many myths about cloud telephony are debugged, security still remains one of the major concerns faced by businesses and Cloud Telephony providers have come up with a solution that can help control data breach. 

Businesses, whether a startup or an enterprise, face data security issues from time to time. By using innovative and reliable Cloud telephony solutions like two-factor authentication can help cut down on the breach and keep data safe from vulnerabilities. In fact, Microsoft and Google 2FA can safeguard users from automated data security attacks 100% of the time. 

What is 2FA?

2 factor authentication (2FA) helps tackle authentication challenges and protects user accounts against frauds and phishing attacks. Cloud Telephony providers usually provide a secure platform that triggers OTP via message or Voice call to the registered mobile number making it easier for customers to handle their transactions, password reset, app login, etc. without having to compromise on security. OTPs generated through Cloud platform are automated and encrypted such that even the providers do not have access to the One time passwords (OTPs) generated.

2FA Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of 2FA:

1. Enhanced security

OTPs delivered to customers are unique and are valid for only one transaction. OTPs expire after a few minutes making it tough for unauthorized people to gain access wrongfully. The OTPs are delivered  to the customer’s registered mobile number which adds an extra layer of protection making it tough to penetrate and carry out phishing attacks.

2. Reduced data breach

Governing bodies of countries have instructed banks and financial organizations to offer 2FA to address customer privacy issues. With the increased usage of online hacking and malware attacks, data breach is controlled by 2 factor authentication since OTPs are delivered on customers’ personal phone. If the person no longer has access to the registered mobile number, account recovery can be done by initiating OTP on email id. This increases the chance of secure transactions and reduces data breach.

3. Flexibility

Businesses and companies are using 2 factor authentication increasingly allowing employees to work remotely.

Employees can now access their systems by securely logging into a shared database by enabling 2 factor authentication. 128-bit SSL encryption is followed by cloud telephony providers to provide a secure platform to generate and deliver OTPs to employees making it one of the most popular security solutions currently.

One of the significant 2FA benefits is the flexibility that allows employees to handle critical issues even from remote locations and also increases productivity.

4. Cost-effective

For a startup with a low budget or enterprises with thousands of users, 2 factor authentication is one of the best cost-effective solutions in the market currently. It is also one of the best security solutions allowing users to access their accounts, database anytime, anywhere without having to worry about data compromise.

It also reduces operational costs all the while portraying businesses as secure platform providers who care about customers’ privacy as its top most priority.

2FA: Making customers’ transactions more secure

Customers are now moving towards the digital age at a much faster pace than ever before. Online platforms for transactions, wallets, net banking etc. have made it easier for customers to transact with businesses. But with such a steep increase in Online transactions, the security challenges naturally go high and have thrown light on security threats.

An online research conducted by Forbes, indicates that due to the huge increase in online transactions the chances of account compromise has increased by 55%.

Most passwords include a series of numbers like 1234 or date of birth which are very easy to hack. But with the invention of 2 factor authentication, customers no longer need to remember passwords and this has restricted hackers or unauthorized personnel to gain account information curbing data violation.

2 factor authentication hence makes it one of the most secure ways for both business and customer facing transactions.

How do Cloud Telephony Providers Offer 2 Factor Authentication?

Cloud telephony providers worldwide offer 2 factor authentication setup through Message and Voice platforms. One time passwords that are valid temporarily are sent to the customer’s registered mobile number. In the case of SMS, the message is usually triggered and delivered to the customer’s mobile number within 2 to 5 seconds.

Voice calls are triggered if message delivery fails or as per client requirement if Voice call is chosen as the first parameter to deliver OTP. In such cases, Cloud telephony providers like Kaleyra trigger outbound calls (OBD) which deliver OTP via voice call on the customer’s registered mobile number.

API (Application platform interface) usually automates the process of generating and validating OTP in a hassle-free manner adding an extra layer of protection for customers’ transactions. APIs are normally configured by the Cloud telephony providers and increase operation efficiency for businesses allowing them to provide a happy customer experience.

Kaleyra, one of the leading cloud communication providers in the world, delivers OTP and also provides multi-channel authentication through its product Valify. Kaleyra guarantees delivery of the same OTP across channels in a safe and secure way. It’s easy to use and does not need any additional hardware set-up.

With its strong network operator connection with 800+ operators across 200+ countries helps serve 8000+ clients seamlessly and deliver OTPs within 5 seconds.

Kaleyra promises 98% successful delivery for OTPs across channels in milliseconds. 2 factor authentication is one of the most simple, effective ways for businesses to ensure customer privacy is not compromised when using their websites for online payments, app logins, online logins etc.

It just adds an additional layer of protection to customers transactions thereby maintaining customer privacy and avoiding any untoward incidents.

Customers can now indulge in online transactions happily knowing that businesses have added an extra layer of authentication, even if the primary password is compromised without having to fret about their account or privacy being compromised.

For more information on how Kaleyra tackles customer privacy and lets you leverage all the 2FA benefits, visit our website at and sign up for a free trial. Reach us at 080-40275555 or drop an email at to schedule a live demo. Our team would be happy to help you.

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