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Benefits of WhatsApp Cloud API

by | Oct 2, 2023

WhatsApp Cloud API

Businesses worldwide are leveraging WhatsApp Business Platform with Kaleyra to reach customers and foster long-term relationships with them. The WhatsApp Cloud API solution is a more scalable version of the WhatsApp Business Platform with which businesses can grow their messaging more quickly. 

Key Benefits of WhatsApp Business Cloud API

Easier access to new features: New, interactive features that support commerce and automation will ship first on the Cloud API, which will become the preferred platform.  

More scalable: Scaling is easier with The Cloud API, enabling businesses to grow their messaging seamlessly. 

Security and Privacy 

WhatsApp ensures that every message with the Cloud API continues to be secure and protected by Signal protocol encryption. This ensures that all messages sent over the WhatsApp Business Platform are securely delivered to the destination chosen by the business. 

Data Localization 

Cloud API Local Storage gives the option to control where message data of businesses is stored at rest. If businesses belong to industries such as finance, government, or healthcare, they may prefer to have your message data stored in a specific country when at rest because of regulatory or company policies. Cloud API provides an extra layer of data protection by implementing additional data management controls. Meta currently provides the feature in the following regions: 

  • APAC: India, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Australia
  • LATAM: Brazil
  • MEA: South Africa, Bahrain
  • Europe: EU (Germany), UK, Switzerland
  • NORAM: Canada

Get Started with WhatsApp Cloud API

If your business is already working with us and you’re based in a region where we provide Cloud API, it’s easy to get started. We can migrate your phone numbers seamlessly from On-premises API to Cloud API. In case you want to roll back to the On-Premises API, you can choose to do so at any time. 



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