4 Best SMS Gateways In The US Every Business Must Know

4 Best SMS Gateways In The US Every Business Must Know
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While there are many SMS gateways a business can use to tap into SMS marketing, there are a few that stand out in providing premium service and support. When it comes to SMS marketing, there is a need for innovative ideas as the content is very limited. Businesses require a reliable and secure system, automation, active management, progress reports, and all of it at an affordable cost.

With SMS marketing gaining ground as more businesses are starting to realize its value, there are a few prominent SMS gateways in the United States that provide top-notch services.


Founded in 2008, Twilio was set up as a cloud communications platform as a service (cPaas) company. Twilio provides high-quality service along with a wide reach across the globe. While the old method involved negotiating contracts with gateways, setting up interconnections, building algorithms for routing, monitoring, and failover, Twilio has simplified it and made it a piece of cake for businesses to send out SMSes to their customers. Using a distributed software layer, Twilio is able to help companies reach everyone right off the bat. Their unique software intelligence makes it easy to handle large volumes of texts and different content in messages.


Nexmo helps companies programmatically send and receive SMSes to customers around the world. Businesses can create effective messages with Nexmo’s SMS API which helps send the right message and the right time. Nexmo provides the following services to businesses:

  • Text message marketing
  • Reactivation campaigns
  • Event-based offers
  • Region-specific offers
  • Two-factor authentication for users
  • Targeted messages
  • Private SMS communications

Nexmo’s platform is powerful on account of its global compliance engine which eliminates the complex nature of global regulations and international carriers. They use a proactive method of re-routing messages that ensure optimized delivery. With just a single API, a business can connect with customers all over the world.


As a cloud communications platform, MessageBird helps build a strong connection between businesses and their customers. This platform is known for its great connectivity and can boast of having one of the highest and fastest delivery rates in the industry. MessageBird is connected with over 220 global operators and supports SMS in all languages which makes it a strong competitor in the market. Furthermore, MessageBird does not have a cap on volumes in SMS campaigns. Companies can choose to scale as and when they please. This platform also provides data and custom reports on insights of campaigns that can help companies make improvements and strategize better.


Plivo is a communications platform whose origins date back to 2011. The platform helps simplify the complexities businesses experience with mobile marketing. Plivo offers simple, enterprise-grade building blocks. On a yearly basis, the infrastructure of the platform handles billions of messages and voice calls from businesses all over the globe. Plivo provides a host of premium services, some of which have been listed below:

  • Supports any language including symbols and emojis
  • Long message concatenation, so messages need not be split
  • Delivery report notifications sent in real time to track performance
  • Message queueing enables multiple messages to be sent using a single API
  • Automatic opt-out handling
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Message body purging after 30 days

Plivo offers its services at competitive prices which allows companies to pay only for what they use. In addition, Plivo offers volume discounts and custom pricing as campaigns scale.

think sms, think kaleyra

Apart from these SMS gateways, there is one more that is noteworthy – Kaleyra. Formed to provide unique and seamless global communications services, Kaleyra helps banks, enterprises, SMEs and start-ups connect with customers in order to boost their experience and satisfaction. Kaleyra helps businesses transform how they communicate with customers through intelligent messaging, voice and Fintech service. Ranking among the top 6 players in the global market, Kaleyra’s technology handles massive volumes of messages, crossing over 2 billion notifications per month. Customers of Kaleyra can enjoy these benefits:

  • Enterprise-grade security with 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Flexibility in terms of scaling at any time, by adding or modifying users
  • Dedicated support round the clock
  • Reduced operational cost with easy installation and zero maintenance
  • Performance reports and real-time data analytics

With Kaleyra, businesses can send messages in over 87 languages, reach a larger target audience and concatenate smartly. Kaleyra provides optimized routing that helps eliminate network congestion so that businesses can be assured of swift delivery and hassle-free experience.

The benefits provided by these gateways are numerous and businesses stand to profit if SMS campaigns are run correctly. As SMS marketing grows, these gateways play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and seamless campaigns.

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