Red Cross and Kaleyra

08 Jan, 2021

Rarely do public healthcare systems get stressed to the extent they were during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The pandemic pushed healthcare systems across the globe to their limits, and many broke down. In some of the most severely affected countries, non-profit charity institutions had to find solutions that would lessen the burden on their networks which were not designed to handle the sudden increase in volumes. 

One of the vital aspects of decreasing this burden was to prioritize communication channels. The Italian Red Cross, while working in one of the worst affected countries during the pandemic’s peak, faced a massive surge in calls to their contact center. This case study showcases the rapid response initiated by Kaleyra to put in place a toll-free messaging system that would help with this. Callers to the Italian Red Cross send SMSs requesting medicines, information, grocery delivery and prioritize emergency response services. 

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