01 Feb 2022

Kaleyra Wins Gold for ‘CPaaS Provider of the Year’ at the Juniper Research Future Digital Awards 2022

Dario Calogero, Founder and CEO of Kaleyra, Recognized as ‘Mover and Shaker of the Year in Telco’ in ‘Judges Choice’ Category

NEW YORK & VIENNA, Va. – February 1, 2022 – Kaleyra, Inc. (NYSE: KLR) (NYSE American: KLR WS) (“Kaleyra” or the “Company”), a rapidly growing cloud communications software provider delivering a secure system of application programming interfaces (APIs) and connectivity solutions in the API/Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market, was named the ‘Gold Winner’ of the ‘CPaaS Provider of the Year’ category at the ‘Future Digital Awards 2022: Telco Innovation’ awards hosted by Juniper Research.

In addition, Founder and CEO of Kaleyra Dario Calogero was named a ‘Judges Choice’ award winner as the ‘Mover and Shaker of the Year’ in the telecommunication industry. The Juniper Research jury selected Calogero for his notable contributions to the industry in the last year.

Over the last decade and a half, the Future Digital Awards have focused on locating companies in the technology sector that provide significant benefits to their target audiences through innovative and imaginative solutions. The Telco Innovation awards, in their third year, aim to reward the companies most likely to disrupt the fast-paced mobile communications industry, including Kaleyra. Kaleyra was named the ‘Gold Winner’ of the ‘Best RCS Provider’ award in 2021, and the recipient of the ‘Highly Recommended CPaaS Provider of the Year’ in 2020.

“As cloud communication becomes increasingly crucial for remote, enterprise-to-consumer connection, we strive to put our partners in the best position to foster positive interactions with their customers across channels,” said Kaleyra Founder and CEO Dario Calogero. “This award is a recognition of Kaleyra’s commitment to our global omnichannel offering and trusted service, and is a gratifying reflection of our employees’ hard work over the last year. We will continue to add to our already robust CPaaS product suite to achieve our goals, and look forward to continued excellence and growth in the CPaaS industry for years to come.”

For the full slate of Future Digital Awards 2022 winners, please visit the Juniper Research website

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About Future Digital Awards

Since 2008, the Future Digital Awards have been awarded to tech companies at the forefront of their respective fields: companies that deliver imaginative, innovative products or services that have the potential to disrupt their ecosystems and provide significant benefits to their target audience.

About Kaleyra

Kaleyra, Inc. (NYSE: KLR) (NYSE American: KLR WS) is a global group providing mobile communication services to financial institutions, e-commerce players, OTTs, software companies, logistic enablers, healthcare providers, retailers, and other large organizations worldwide.

Kaleyra today has a customer base of 3800+ companies spread around the world. Through its proprietary platform and robust APIs, Kaleyra manages multi-channel integrated communication services, consisting of messaging, rich messaging and instant messaging, video, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, and chatbots.

Kaleyra’s technology makes it possible to safely and securely manage billions of messages monthly with over 1600 operator connections in 190+ countries, including all tier-1 US carriers.