09 Sep 2020

Kaleyra Launches Redesigned Website

A new tool to better represent Kaleyra’s growing international presence, expanded product offerings and to provide an optimal visitor experience.

MILAN, Italy – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Kaleyra released a new website on September 1st 2020 with a refreshed look, feel, and new features.  An asset for all stakeholders to join the Kaleyra community, the new website reflects Kaleyra’s international presence and audience, and position as a key player in the cloud communications industry.

Website highlights implemented in this new version:

  • Product Presentation: As Kaleyra continues its diversity and expands its product portfolio with more industry-specific solutions, the new website allows Kaleyra to better represent this. Through the restructured product presentation in the dropdown mega-menu, intuitive for visitors who come to the website with an agenda of evaluating Kaleyra as a cloud communication provider, visitors are enabled to easily locate and view information on the different cloud product offerings. The mega-menu dropdown now also separates channels from applications for increased clarity. 
  • Look and Feel: The website experience includes a contemporary look and feel that is professional and light, with an updated color palette. The recently released website uses only proprietary illustrations and icons designed in-house, which can be seen across the website to better communicate Kaleyra’s brand identity.
  • Multilingual: A translation project is currently underway to make Kaleyra’s website available to visitors in any number of languages without Google Translate. Visitors will have an option to toggle between languages, enabling them to experience the website in Italian and English, and once complete, the site will be translated into additional languages. While Kaleyra previously had two separate websites, one in Italian and another in English, www.kaleyra.com will soon serve as the company’s one and only website.
  • Investor Relations Pages: The aforementioned changes have also been applied to Kaleyra’s Investors’ pages, now supported by investor relations advisor ICR Inc.

Ready to help you design the perfect communications experience for your customers, Kaleyra aims to provide a high-level customer service experience through the new website. Your feedback is very important, as Kaleyra seeks to offer a website that offers maximum value and efficiency. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be submitted to marketing@kaleyra.com.

Source: Kaleyra, Inc.


About Kaleyra

Kaleyra is a global group specializing in providing mobile messaging services for financial institutions and multiple other types of enterprises of all sizes. Through its proprietary platform, Kaleyra manages multi-channel integrated communication services on a global scale, comprising messages, push notifications, e-mail, instant messaging, voice services, and virtual assistants. Kaleyra’s technology today makes it possible to manage huge volumes of messages, with some 2 billion notifications a month. For more information, visit www.kaleyra.com.