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Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Sales

Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Sales
By Maria Victoria MacAraig . 13 Jun 2019 . image 10 min read

How many of you access the internet via portable devices? Most websites out there are fully responsive, allowing users to read articles, make purchases, transfer money, watch videos, access various learning platforms or do anything else right from their mobile.


With the increased use of smartphone in this digital age, business owners have started appreciating the importance of mobile marketing. But what is it and how exactly can businesses optimize it? Don’t waste your time figuring it out. Here is everything you need to know about mobile marketing!


Mobile Marketing

We all know that marketing is an essential part of the business’s operations. Properly structured and implemented, it can drive sales by successfully turning leads into loyal customers. Mobile marketing gives you an additional medium to reach your customer at their convenience.


The fundamental goal of mobile marketing remains the same: to build brand awareness, boost sales, attract better-targeted visitors, and convert them into clients. Mobile marketing focuses on reaching customers through mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices. This means that businesses can now get in touch with customers even if there are on-the-go.


The target audience can be reached through several platforms for instance through applications or texts. Internet users encounter examples of mobile marketing on a daily basis, whether it is when they open a newsletter, get a push notification, or see an ad while watching a video. The means are endless. But the notion of mobile marketing is a little more complicated than this.


The increased use of portable devices has created a need for businesses to engage in new marketing strategies. Businesses are trying to outdo each other in order to get more customers and boost sales. One thing that needs to be paid very close attention to is the fact that technology is changing at an extremely fast pace and keeping up with the trends and emerging strategies is essential.

How Can You Benefit from Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has recently become the center of every business’s success. Many, however, are still unaware of countless benefits it may bring. The biggest one is, of course, better targeting. Since the majority of internet users access the web via their mobile devices, data can be easily gathered and used to improve targeting.


If your content is attractive, informative and useful, it is more likely that other people will share it. There – the cheapest and easiest way of boosting your brand awareness. Remember that the content has to be SEO-friendly meaning it should be optimized for mobiles. Search engines favor good mobile experience and short loading time.


It also feels that mobile ads are more personalized than any other type. Unlike content produced for a wide audience, i.e. travelers, animal lovers, people living in a particular area, etc., mobile marketing is very user-oriented. Taking advantage of it can help you bond with your visitors better and convert them into customers.


In addition, the simplicity of mobile ads makes it stand out. Since marketers are limited to adjusting ads to a tiny screen, they cannot overdo it. It has been proven that straight and simple content works best, not to mention all that time saved.


How to Boost Sales with Mobile Marketing

Understanding what mobile marketing is and how businesses can benefit from it is fundamental. Once you’ve gotten a hang of it, you need to understand the various strategies that can help you drive sales. Let’s analyze them.

The Basics

The first step of every marketing strategy is to identify your target audience. You have a product or a service that’s meant to be sold to a specific group of people. Choose the segment of people you want to target your marketing on.


The next fundamental step is to establish your marketing goals. Create detailed KPIs that will help you manage your campaigns and strategies in a more accurate way. If the goal is to increase sales then businesses need to decide how they want to achieve this goal. Based on this information you will be able to optimize your tactics for mobile.

Responsive Website

PCs are going to have a good time making space for mobile users. This means one thing for your business – build a responsive website or adjust the old one so that it’s mobile-friendly. We know it’s not a particularly a new strategy but since there are still companies with very outdated pages, we’ve figured it has to be mentioned. Remember to make your website easy to navigate as well, and test it numerous times before launching.

responsive website

Mobile Apps

Building an app for your business can really boost sales. Judging by the number of applications available both in AppStore and Google Play, it is easy to deduce that there’s a reason for it. Find a good developer, check their portfolio and don’t hesitate to spend some extra money, especially if the app could go to make your product or service.


Everyone’s heard of Starbucks but did you know they introduced an app ‘Starbucks Mobile Payments’ to make the process of buying your daily coffee dose easier? All you need to do is to load some money on to the app, and scan a code at the Starbucks counter. Smart!


If you have an app, it’s good to work on your notifications a little. There are two types: push notifications and in-app notifications. The former needs to be enabled by the mobile user but luckily, most users opt for it. This means that they will receive messages even if they are not using your app. This could be a reminder, CTA, special offer or any other useful information.


In-app notifications are displayed while the customer is using your application. Both types of notifications can increase app retention, conversion rate and further engage customers with your brand. Making these messages more personalized will create a unique experience for your customers.


Take for instance, The French retailer, La Redoute decided to introduce push notifications to customers using their mobile phones for shopping. Those who left their carts empty, or added things but never really purchased the items were sent a notification (a reminder) to finalize the transaction. This resulted in a 2-3 higher CTR.


Optimizing your mobile content to search engines is also crucial. Experts at Miromind agency point out that while other marketing strategies play a key role in driving sales, on-site SEO can help you engage the audience and build brand awareness. All you need to do is to adjust your content so that it’s SEO-friendly.


SMS Marketing

How often do you check your mobile phone? Probably more than you think. Even when people are working, the sound of a new message or notification is too tempting to simply ignore. Taking advantage of this technological addiction is not only smart but necessary. Delivering a marketing message directly to your customer cannot be missed. Byteplant suggests, however, to check if the numbers in your contact data are valid first.


Ford Motors is a great example when it comes to using this strategy successfully. Clients were asked to send a text ‘FORD’ to a certain premium number. In return, the company called them and asked which information they would like to receive. Based on this, Ford Motors received useful data about their names and zip codes. They contacted local Ford dealers to do several follow-up calls. The result? A Conversion rate resulted of 15.4%!

Social Media

You might not be aware of it but most social media engagement comes from people using mobile phones. Facebook is among the most popular platforms, then we have Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even LinkedIn. One of the major benefits of existing on social media is that your customers are using the same platform regularly. Therefore, you can not reach out to them on a platform of their choice. A creative profile with high-quality content is what you need to start with.


Booking platform Airbnb launched a successful campaign for the Super Bowl. It was quite risky because they indirectly raised an issue of the travel ban in the US. But Airbnb strategically used the strategy to reach maximum people. Their #WeAccept campaign appeared on TV and social media bringing a lot of attention and it was a hit.

Your Location

One of the major pros of mobile devices is that most of them have a GPS built-in. This is useful not only when using navigation but also if you want to find a place near you. In the US the phrase “near me” is quite common and allows mobile users to locate places in the neighborhood. Updating your business location on Google and enabling this option is therefore important.


A couple of years ago a British insurance company Hiscox came up with a great campaign based on location and WiFi. They targeted people who connected to the city hotspots near Covent Garden in London. These users were shown Hiscox’s add. It turned out to be a great move because a CTR was 5 times higher.

Mailing List

There are no doubt emails can work wonders. The majority of internet users check their emails first thing in the morning. Do you think they get up, fire up a laptop, log in, and scroll through their mailbox? That’s three additional and completely unnecessary steps. With just a click of a button, you can open the mail app and check your inbox.

Creating visually attractive, informative and engaging email content is your way to get your customers’ attention right after they wake up. Ask your marketer to help you build a mailing list and don’t forget about the opt-in and opt-out options so that you don’t end up in a spam folder.

QR Codes

QR codes originated in Japan a while ago but they are slowly starting to be appreciated in the western part of the world too. By creating a QR code that you can direct users to your website where they can find more information. This creates efficiency and increasing traffic on your website pages.


A great example of creative use of QR codes was introduced in a mobile game campaign. Angry Birds created a QR code that looked like a screenshot from the game. When you scanned it, you were directed to your phone’s operating system’s app store. A quick way to download Angry Birds and an amazing example of creativity.

Final Thoughts

The emergence of mobile phones gave birth to a whole new form of marketing – mobile marketing. Mobile is disrupting the way people engage with brands. This trend toward mobile devices is here to stay and businesses need to ensure they have a conclusive mobile marketing plan to be able to connect with a wider, digital audience. Businesses have the golden opportunity to put out their marketing messages into the hands of their customers. They must make the most of it and adapt to the latest technologies in order to create the ideal customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.  


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