Make customer interaction easy with Toll-free numbers

Make customer interaction easy with Toll-free numbers
By Pooja AV . 17 Oct 2018 . image 5 min read

Most people identify toll-free numbers as those which did not cost customers a dime to reach businesses. Over the years this has evolved and this voice-based communication is more thank just a number now. It has evolved to grow and establish itself as a multichannel communication platform. It plays an important role in customer interaction, branding, marketing, etc.

So, the normal toll-free number now has become a medium for customer engagement. Read on to know how and why businesses continue to use these toll-free numbers. If you haven’t got one already for your business, it’s time you get a Toll-free number.

Marketing Strategy

Toll-free numbers are mostly used for marketing purposes since it’s easier to engage customers and make it easier for them to connect. Businesses in some countries also purchase fancy vanity numbers that can spell special words and make their brands more memorable.

Customer Support

Though most people prefer online chat than making a call for query resolution, when it’s urgent-people still would prefer talking to a live agent than a bot to resolve queries. A toll-free number makes it easy for customers to contact the support team. It’s important that businesses must display their toll-free number on websites making it easier for customers to contact them. It also says that you as a business are always available for your customer when and if they need you.

Call Routing

Toll-free number providers like Kaleyra have smart routing options when a business chooses their services. This ensures that call is connected to the next available agent automatically and calls can be routed to any preferred location of the business. This also allows agents to work remotely and still be available to answer customer’s queries.


To be available to customers at all times is the basic expectation from any business. Toll-free numbers act as a brand identity as mentioned earlier, hence it’s necessary to keep it active for as long as business requires. If you are unhappy with the provider, businesses should be able to port the same toll-free number which is now part of their brand, such that customers do not have to face any issues. Kaleyra helps you retain your current toll-free number and ensures smooth portability without any hassles.

Business identity

Having a toll-free number for your business helps shape your business identity by making your customer feel that you are available. It can create a lasting impression on the customer and thus benefit in the long term.

Live Monitoring

Cloud telephony providers like Kaleyra offer live monitoring, real-time reports and detailed analytics which helps businesses understand how the call center is performing. They can see which agents are online, call volume can even listen to live conversations, call recording helps them listen to the customer-agent conversation at their preferred time and use the same for training, quality improvement.

Easy to remember

Toll-free numbers are very easy to remember. Most toll-free numbers have the same initial four number which is the ‘1800’ series. This is followed by three digits provided by the operator which are pretty common too. So only the last four digits are what the customers must remember. This makes toll-free numbers the preferred choice for customers.

Campaign management

Cloud telephony providers like Kaleyra who offer toll-free numbers have a user-friendly dashboard which makes it easy for businesses to run campaigns. They can also track the success rate of campaigns by checking the response rate and get details on the location, customer’s preferred time for contact, lesser spam since numbers are quarantined and quality tested.

Things to remember while choosing a Toll-free number provider

There will be many questions in the mind of businesses while choosing a toll-free number. Check the following before you choose a provider:

  • Number of minutes you will use and receive on a monthly basis
  • Number of incoming minutes
  • Blocking option for incoming numbers
  • Good inventory of numbers such that they are catchy and easy to remember
  • Pricing, customer support, types of packages, flexibility in packages, etc.,
  • Check for online reviews of how the provider functions, take demos, sign up for free trials to know the product firsthand

Toll-free numbers chosen must simplify the functioning of business along with creating new and improved business opportunities. It should drive better customer engagement and improve customer retention as well as customer satisfaction rates.

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