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Enhance Customer Experience through WhatsApp Business API

by | Jun 10, 2021

Businesses all around the world are excited about the potential success WhatsApp Business can bring to their business communication. Through WhatsApp Business API, businesses can now create a new experience for each customer and further enhance customer engagement. 

WhatsApp has quickly emerged to become the go-to global application for over 1.5 billion customers. This consumer-preferred platform is now rapidly being adopted by businesses to scale their communication and reach customers with ease.

In today’s omnichannel world of tweets, posts, and chats, customers want to communicate with businesses the same way they interact with their families. Messaging apps are the key to connect with customers. Billions of messages are sent out through WhatsApp every day. By communicating with customers through an app they regularly use, you can ensure that a notification from your business on a customer’s phone screen will definitely be opened and read.

WhatsApp Business API can take your business communication to a whole new level. With private and instant messages delivered, on one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, you are always directly connected to your customers.

Retailers upgrade the shopping journey

Through WhatsApp Business API, retailers can enhance customer experience through each step of a customer’s shopping journey. Businesses can now quickly and easily resolve issues and keep shoppers updated in ways that were not previously possible.

Instant response: Merchandise returns, payment issues, size problems, and other such concerns can be handled instantly through the app. By responding to customer queries right then and there, you incur multiple benefits- the customer you helped is happy, your company representative can focus resources on customers whose problems are not solved via text and there is a shorter queue on your call center line thus, leaving those customers who call you with a better experience as well.

Regular updates: By keeping your customer informed at every step, through order and payment confirmations, upcoming in-store sales, and so on, you eliminate possible concerns or need for them to call you to get information. A customer is looking for the same perfume they bought last month? No problem. You can notify your customers immediately once the product is back in stock. This creates a smooth experience for your customers and helps build the relationship you are looking for.

Educators provide a holistic learning process for students and parents

The education sector has heavily relied on using websites to provide information and traditional phone systems to handle business communication. Today, phones are not enough to support customer queries let alone, creating the ideal customer experience. Messaging apps like WhatsApp provide a fresh solution.

Access for students:  One Time Passwords (OTPs) are an additional layer of authentication to the login process. By providing students with unique OTPs, through WhatsApp, before allowing access to their account, institutions can ensure that their personal information, marks card and all other information can only be viewed by them. It further secures the education provider’s platform from fraudulent login attempts. WhatsApp Business API also allows businesses to provide alerts and notifications. Institutions can thus, easily keep students informed about holidays, result availability, exam schedules, and more. 

Updates for parents: Parents are always concerned about their child’s performance in school. By sending personalized messages to parents about result access, feedback, etc., parents are always kept in the loop. This eliminates the need for them to continuously call the school to stay updated. Moreover, fee confirmations can also be sent through the app. Online education institutions, can also send information about the number and types of videos their children have been watching along with their progress reports through WhatsApp Business API.

Fintech companies regularly update their customers 

Regular updates: Fintech companies send regular updates to customers about their account number, policy detail, payment details, payment reminders, payment confirmation, outstanding amount, EMI due, financial schemes, loans, mortgages, account maturity dates, change in regulatory policies, suspicious account activities, current goal rate, and gold loan policies.

Banks guarantee secured transactions along with secured communication

With end-to-end encryption and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), WhatsApp makes your conversation as secure as it can get. This means that your customers are fully protected as no other individual can exploit your customers, using your name. All possible instances of negative publicity, lawsuits, etc., are successfully eliminated. This builds your customers’ trust in your company and eventually increases customer loyalty.

Real-time customer support: If your customer has lost their credit card or if unknown purchases are being made from their account, they have the option of immediately getting in touch with you through WhatsApp Business API. For a customer who is stressed because of such a situation, waiting in line on call, to be connected to your customer representative is horrifying. Through WhatsApp secure and private chat you can solve the issue in real-time, through document sharing, QR codes, and so on. In a similar way, other enquired can easily be catered through from within the app.

Transactional details: Instead of making the customer search for what they want on your app, call you for further details, or browse your website for minute information, you can easily provide customers with all the information they need. Send them a message about account activation, inform them about the status of their application, or update them about their bank balance, all through messaging features available through WhatsApp Business API.

Lending:  Send messages with details and updates of profile verification before approval of a loan. Send personalized messages with payment notifications and reminders, and follow-up with payment confirmations. You can further keep customers informed with debt collection laws and account details sent via messages.

Insurance: To make the process of opting for insurance and claiming the insurance hassle-free for customers, businesses can send messages about account verification, appointment reminders, insurance payment details and confirmation, policy details and updates, account details- claim number, insurance amount, etc.

Moreover, for on-the-go insurance claims that are companies can send messages with information about required documents, proof submission details, policies under the specific insurance, payment details, and confirmations.

Include effective communication in your travel package for customers

What use are great travel packages customized for each individual, if they aren’t effectively communicated to the customer? Through WhatsApp Business API, you can share all their details with customers. In such a way you ensure that they enjoy their vacation as you do the planning.

Live view: By communicating through WhatsApp, businesses can include photos, videos, slides, documents, and more to their message, thus paving the way for a richer communication process. Adding visual and audio elements to their messages means that businesses can not only make their communication more interactive but also, provide further clarity and details through the attachments. Customers can now feel the warmth in your hospitality, sense excitement of adventure sports, and smell the desert calling for them, all from their phone screen.

Constant updates: When customers are finally taking a break from their busy lives, the last thing they want is to be stressed planning this break. With WhatsApp Business API, airlines can send information about flight details, seat reservations, on-air food bookings, and more. Hotels can send room details, payment confirmations, information about facilities, etc. In such a way you ensure that customers have the experience they’ve been waiting for.


Remove the speed-bumps along with your ridesharing experience

The faster, simpler, and richer experience that WhatsApp Business API brings for your customers, ensures that you manage your rides easily through effective communication. Fast delivery of notifications is of utmost importance in an environment where customer transactions are happening in real-time.

Imagine a customer waiting in heavy rain for their driver. The driver is finally there, but the customer does not get a real-time notification informing them about the same. The customer is frustrated that you aren’t doing your job properly and that’s why the driver is taking longer to arrive than estimated. On the other hand, the driver is frustrated the customers are not ready on time for their ride.

To avoid this scenario WhatsApp Business API allows you to send messages that provide both drivers and customer information about what is happening every second. These messages include OTPs to the customers for sharing with the driver. This ensures that the customer can only go with their respective driver. Moreover, regular information regarding cab booking, payment confirmation, driver details, arrival, etc., can also be sent as required.  

Businesses no longer need to spam customers with one-way messages. Allow your customers to easily engage in 2-way messaging and build strong, long-term relationships, by Responding to your customers instantly. Easily integrate with your CRM for fast resolution of queries and rich customer data. Customers can now message you for:

– Order changes or delay

– Hotel booking changes

– Delivery tracking

– Urgent inquiries

– Changes in the travel itinerary

– Insurance details, proof of claim

– Refund policies and more

Through WhatsApp, businesses are changing the way they communicate. WhatsApp Business API is a highly scalable communication platform that monitors responses in real-time and directly provides information about read messages and reply backs.

With detailed analytics, easily available through WhatsApp businesses can get further customer insights and through this, optimize future conversations. By pairing all the dynamic features of this chat app with genuine and responsive conversations, businesses can provide exactly what their customers want, and more. 

WhatsApp UpdateWith more consumers turning to chat with businesses on WhatsApp, the instant messaging service provider recently announced updates to the WhatsApp Business API that will make it quicker for businesses to get started and for people to easily chat with these businesses. As per the latest update received from WhatsApp, all the existing businesses on the WhatsApp Business API from the following countries, i.e., Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, USA, Indonesia, and Mexico will be able to send non-transactional notifications to their opted-in customers.

With this new update, businesses can drive many new use cases on the platform, such as sending product recommendations, promotional offers, and most importantly, re-engaging with their users by sending regular reminders and updates related to their products and services. All the businesses that belong to one of the countries listed above as the country setting in Business Manager can send non-transactional notifications. There won’t be a need for any additional integration.

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi