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New Beginnings

by | Jul 24, 2019

Powerful. Reliable. Scalable. This was the vision we had when we set out to build a platform that would empower businesses to get not one, but many steps closer to their customers. To create and run such a platform, it was important to have a strong communication structure within our firm as well. 

When I first joined Ubiquity about five years ago, we started in a small office on Via Teodosio, cozy enough to facilitate communication and collaboration across all levels of the company. We were – and still very much are – a team of close-knit strategists, entrepreneurs, technologists, and innovators.

A little over a year ago, Italy-based Ubiquity and India-based Solutions Infini came together to form the global entity we now know as Kaleyra. A little after that, Kaleyra and Hook Mobile also joined hands. As with every business, growing the team came with its rewards and challenges. I personally believe that many companies lose their entrepreneurial spirit as rapid growth and expansion dilute their culture. As the two companies united, it was important to maintain the flat organization structure and encourage collaboration, now not only across teams but across the continents.

Soon after the union of Ubiquity and Solutions Infini, we shifted the Bangalore office to a brighter and bolder location that could accommodate a bigger team. The seating structure, ambiance, and functional use of space embody many of the values we stand for as a company. It allows for quick sharing of ideas and fosters a sense of community. It has led to immense collaboration and a feeling of comfort within the office, promoting an environment that allows employees to do their best work.

Inspired by this new space, we decided to undergo a similar change by shifting to a new office in Milan. The old space, while housing many precious memories, did not scale well as we ramped up our hiring efforts. An office space with minimal barriers instead of cabins, where all employees can work across teams sharing the floor; it was exactly what we needed. We designed it with the team in mind, taking into consideration work and play. Our employees love this new space and have quickly embraced it as home.

Now with offices in Italy, India, the US, the UAE, Singapore and Switzerland, Kaleyra empowers businesses all around the world by allowing them to connect with their customers wherever they are. We’ve grown considerably from where Ubiquity, Solutions Infini and Hook Mobile began, but even today, with a count of over 250 employees, we maintain a startup culture. Regardless of seniority, it is just as easy as it was before to reach the right people to discuss an idea or an issue. We hope that the space transformations help us continue doing what we do best, in the best way that we can do it. Even as we navigate the initial days of the shift, we are very excited to see the inspiration this new office brings to the talent at Kaleyra.

Filippo Monastra

Filippo Monastra