21 Jun 2018

Solutions Infini and Ubiquity announces Global Rebrand to ‘Kaleyra’

Solutions Infini, a global <style=”text-decoration: none;”>business cloud communications provider today announced a corporate rebranding and name change to “Kaleyra”. The strategic move comes as a result of the union of Solutions Infini and Italian based Messaging services provider, Ubiquity. The combined turnover for Solutions Infini and Ubiquity was €65 million in 2017; however now as brand Kaleyra, it is aiming around the €100 million mark during this fiscal with new market expansions and increasing its customers.

In 2017, Solutions Infini posted USD 35 million in revenue with a strong customer base of 8000 companies of which 90 percent are Indian firms ranging from mid to large size enterprises and businesses. E-commerce, logistics, marketplace are among the key verticals of Solutions Infini and some of its customers include Flipkart, Zoho, Swiggy, Ola and others.

The brand Kaleyra was formed to provide unique and seamless global solutions that help Banks, Enterprises and SMEs boost their customer experience and satisfaction. With a vision to set up an agile technology-centric cloud communications platform, Kaleyra will now headed by its Founder, Chairman and CEO, Dario Calogero along with Aniketh Jain, Managing Director – Cloud and Ashish Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer.

The brands turnover in the 2017 was €65 Million and now aims at touching €100 Million while expanding their base and entering newer markets helping businesses communicate with their customers while enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Aniketh Jain, Managing Director – Cloud, at Kaleyra commented, “The rebranding marks a significant step in company’s growth as we are now redefining ourselves as an evolving global Cloud Communications platform. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and our ability to transform the way businesses communicate with their audience through intelligent Messaging, Voice, and Fintech service. We are now redefining ourselves as an evolving global messaging firm.”

Dario Calogero – Founder, Chairman and CEO, at Kaleyra commented, “Through the rebranding process, we wish to create a brand that stands out and let’s people know that there is a simpler solution to a complex problem. With Kaleyra, our brand now portrays a sense of youthfulness, drive and energetic passion towards changing the way that businesses communicate. Kaleyra, as a new identity stands to represent the very root of us being global Communication Platform service providers. We are leaders in two areas of communication services – the BFSI sector where we have the On-Premise solutions and private cloud, and then for other Enterprises we have the Cloud based platform which is reliable and easier to scale. We’re also already one among the world’s top 6 players. Steering forward, in terms of scalability, we’re also looking at expanding our base in APAC, European Union, Middle East and the United States. Our goal towards the end of the day is to help businesses connect with their customers through interactive, engaging and personalised communication that drives engagement, conversion and loyalty.”

Ashish Agarwal – Chief Technology Officer, at Kaleyra commented, “This rebranding for us brings a very positive step as we align our goals and vision with a global leader like Ubiquity. Our focus now would be towards making our product more compatible for global companies and the ever-evolving cloud platform. Our aim to become a multi-channel platform catering to a diverse set of audience is now at the forefront of what we do. We aim at building a product that can be seamlessly used by Enterprises, Startups and developers.”

Kaleyra invests in cutting edge technologies to provide seamless experience to the customers. Through its unique and closed source platforms, Kaleyra is able to manage integrated and multi-channel communication services globally. These services include messages, push notifications, e-mails, voice services and chatbot. Their technology is capable of managing massive volumes of messages, with 2bn+ notifications every month.

Check the press release at: https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ani/solutions-infini-and-ubiquity-announces-global-rebrand-to-kaleyra-118062100396_1.html