26 Feb 2019

Dario’s story, from Olivetti to the computer ubiquity

February 26, 2019 – Italy | Corriere della Sera – MASSIMO SIDERI

It is incredible the amount of managers and entrepreneurs that we can still place in the composite and rich galaxy of the Olivetti experience of decades ago. To prove that, from that of Athens onwards, the School means a lot for the growth of a company. We should remember it more often.

Dario Calogero, is one of these. After graduating from Bocconi, he joined Olivetti where he remained until 1990. From there he started one of those paths that, as Steve Jobs would have said, are easier to read by combining the dots a posteriori. So let’s start from the end: today he is the founder and CEO of Kaleyra, a company that in 2018 acquired Hook Mobile in the USA. And that only a year before, when it was called Ubiquity, he had bought in India Solutions Infini.

The company was founded by Dario in 1999 clearly exploiting the increasingly pervasive computter ubiquity. Already in the 2000s it had been one of the companies developing mobile banking. Now you could mention the past experiences in Fiat, as in Pwc and Oracle, but what matters is to detect how those who sow well, in some way, always have a return.

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