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Create Customer Loyalty With 2-Way SMS

by | Nov 12, 2019

Creating customer loyalty is a crucial objective of all businesses. Improving sales or reaching customers go hand in hand with the success of the business. Your interaction with your customers is not just about high numbers, but it’s also about getting the customers to respond positively. 2 way SMS helps you get there in a hassle-free and fruitful manner. This marketing trick achieves what mass advertising cannot. Read on to know to get some useful tit-bits about two-way messaging.

Why should you create loyal customers?

Loyal customers are the ones that not only keep coming back to buy your product or service but also suggest your name to other customers. They have high chances of turning to you during discount seasons and festive occasions. Most businesses target this group of customers to bring a boost in their sales, especially in discount seasons. And the results are highly positive. And so, it goes without stating that creating customer loyalty should be one of the crucial objectives of your marketing strategy.

Here are 6 reasons why you should try 2 way SMS: 

  1. With two-way messaging, you establish a direct connection with the customer. This way you tell them how easily accessible you are.
  2.  You can give quick updates of the latest offers and the discount packages.
  3.  Add your website link at the end of the message and get more clicks.
  4. Get more visibility to your customer list and improve the chances of the customer remembering you when he visits the store.
  5. A customer might have had a good experience at your store but later forgot about it. Remind him of your service. Help him keep coming back to you for similar needs.

You thought mass advertising like TV and radio ads are the means to connect with customers? Think again. Your competitors are getting one-on-one with their customers. Two-way messaging is easy, low cost and the best way to connect with the people. While mass advertising is good for gaining visibility in the market, personalized messaging helps you communicate at a more personal level.

5 Reasons why 2 way SMS is more effective than other marketing channels

1) Communicating at a personal level

Yes, personalization of communication is very crucial in order to make your customer feel important and this also helps the reader pay more attention to the message. For example, sending personalized messages on the customers birthdays and anniversaries is a successful way to connect with them and this increases chances of them remembering you. It’s an effective way to please them and to remain in their memory bank. This also serves the purpose of customer retention.

Personal communication helps us connect to customers better especially for purposes like rewarding them on special occasions. Rewards and Recognition for your customers, employees or even clients will get a positive impetus through two way messaging.

2) Instant Customer Service

Customers are highly impatient. They want quick replies and updates about the services. If your replies don’t reach them on time, there are chances that you lose the lead. So it’s very important to provide instant messaging services in order to please the customer and keep him hooked. Uninterrupted and efficient services are the key to engage and retain customers.

3) Real-time Feedback

How often do you hear really useful feedback from your business users that will help you to understand your problem area? Getting an insight into your problems is effective in creating an improvement plan for various areas of work.

But how do you get real-time feedback from customers? We are not talking about you conducting long surveys to get it out of your customer’s mouth. Instead, try two way messaging that will help you understand what your customers appreciate about your business and what they don’t. The feedback provided passively or actively is very important and it can act as an indirect survey. This advantage is totally missing in mass advertisement methods.

4) Direct Communication with the Customer and High Chances of Viewing

With SMS-es, there are high chances of viewing and remembering. As the message is delivered right into the inbox on your phone, there are very fewer chances that you will not open it. This is much more effective a method to reach customers over other ways like Banner display, or TV/Radio ads. The customer feels that the company is reachable and accessible when he gets personalized messages. With the website link at the end of the message, there are high chances of him checking out your product as well.

5) Satisfied employees, better productivity

Outdated marketing methods prove to be unproductive which does not only hamper your sales but affects the work satisfaction among your employees. Your employees are the ones who slog it out to get results and when the marketing methods fail, there is a lingering sense of unproductivity. This can be avoided if you use efficient messaging services and communication partners so that your investment proves very fruitful.

Things to keep in mind while you use Two-way messaging:

1. Use the discount seasons to your benefit

Discount seasons are the crucial times of sale. Get the customers to know about your service or products during this time. Highlight the discount offers and other selling points. Getting your timing right by sending messages when the customers are most likely to opt for shopping like a weekend or festive holiday.

2. Use special occasions to drive sales

Have a database of your customers’ special occasions like birthday or anniversary and use the moment to offer your best deals. This has high chances to get clicks and drive sales.

3. Simply state the information

Do not engage in verbiage. Do not give too much information. The customer is only interested to know whether you have something that’s useful or exciting. Stick to the basic information.

4. Do not always try to sell

Do not always aim at selling your product through SMSes. The objective behind SMS is brand visibility and not just sale. Inform the customer about your brand and it’s offering. Let them remember you when they have the need again.

Building customer loyalty gives an immense boost to your business. Winning loyal customers is the key to get your sales rolling in all seasons. But it’s crucial to implement effective and in-trend marketing techniques for the same. For a result-driven marketing, invest in two way messaging and create customer loyalty.



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