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In praise of curiosity

by | Oct 7, 2020

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but rather, like firewood, it only needs a spark to set it alight and to give it the impetus for the pursuit of knowledge and a burning desire for the truth.” Thus wrote Plutarch in his “Art of listening” when describing curiosity: a blazing fire, an unstoppable desire to cross the boundaries of the familiar in the quest for truth.


An ardent love for knowledge burned in the veins of Simone Fubini for almost ninety years. The truth that Simone sought, will he have found it in the more than four hundred books in his personal library? Unfortunately, we do not know.


We do know, however, that Simone’s curiosity was that of a young mind and that it ranged from management to politics, passing through history, science, art and literature. There were literally no boundaries. We also know that Simone instilled his own curiosity in those who worked with him, never hesitating to share his interests with those whom he met and to give many of his texts to friends and relatives throughout the course of his life.


The family of Simone Fubini, who we thank from the bottom of our hearts, wished to donate to Kaleyra the books from his library: this legacy is available to new generations, from today, in the offices of via Marco D’Aviano 2 (Milan), for the use of employees, partners and friends of Kaleyra.



Today, which would have been Simone’s ninetieth birthday, we are inaugurating the “Simone Fubini Reading Room” on the seventh floor of via Marco D’Aviano 2”. This small gesture will be only the start of a wider programme of activities carried out for the benefit of Kaleyrans and of the community : a series of initiatives for the wellbeing of employees and the improvement of society, guided by the knowledge that Kaleyra would not be what it is today without the people who are a part of it.



We are inaugurating a space for inquiring minds, with no boundaries. Like Simone.