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Building An Inclusive Workplace That Empowers Women

by | Nov 25, 2019

One out of three women faces some form of gender-based violence in their lifetime. Violence against women is a serious issue that has a devastating impact on our world. Apart from societal and cultural discrimination, women face gender inequalities in employment that makes them more vulnerable to abuse. 

This month, as the world observes the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we, at Kaleyra, are doing our bit to raise awareness about this global issue and promote initiatives to empower women. 

Gender equality is everyone’s business

Gender parity and women’s rights are not just the business of governments and local authorities. Empowering women is everyone’s social responsibility. The corporate sector must address these issues as they play a crucial role in women’s economic empowerment. 

Financial inequality has a major impact on the wellbeing and safety of women. Evidence suggests that economic empowerment and advocacy of gender equality can prevent violence against women. In many ways, financial independence can free many women from abuse.

A study done by ILO and Gallup found that nearly 70% of women worldwide prefer to work in paid jobs. However, the worldwide labor force participation rates for women is only 48.7%.  A lot of women do not have equal access to employment opportunities. Some of the common hurdles they face include the burden of socio-cultural expectations, gender stereotypes, challenges in achieving work-life balance, lack of safe transport, risk of unfair treatment at work, and an unfavorable pay gap. Even when it comes to job applications or promotions, women are more likely to face discrimination.

Prevent  harassment and discrimination at the workplace

Microaggressions at the workplace are an everyday reality for almost two-thirds of working women. Companies, big and small can promote gender equality and encourage women’s participation in the workplace by making a conscious effort to make the workplace safe and women-friendly. The corporate sector can also make it easy for women to understand their rights and take measures to prevent harassment. 

Foster a fair and inclusive workplace

The private sector must also work towards creating an atmosphere of dignity, safety, and equality that provides everyone a fair opportunity to progress their careers, no matter who they are and where they come from.  By providing fair employment opportunities, the private sector can empower women to gain financial independence. 

Encourage women’s representation in the leadership

There is a major gap to fill in terms of women’s representation in leadership roles in the private sector.  Women hold only 38% of managerial roles in the corporate sector. Companies can greatly support women’s participation in the workforce – be it by providing women equal opportunities to take up leadership roles or appropriate resources to balance work and family life when she needs to.

At Kaleyra, we strive to build and maintain an inclusive workplace that empowers women to grow. Small steps in the right direction can make the world safer for women and help them achieve their true potential. So let us do our part to spread the word and support gender equality. 

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Tharika Tellicherry

Tharika Tellicherry