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Kaleyra & Zoho CRM – The Best Combination

by | Jul 2, 2019

When two great companies come together, greater things happen. If you use Kaleyra as your communication platform and your CRM database is on Zoho, you no longer have to log in to the Kaleyra SMS application and upload the lead database there if you want to send an SMS to any of your customers. You no longer have to use our API or follow the SMS process on our application. All you have to do is activate the Kaleyra SMS plug-in on Zoho CRM. This third-party integration is the perfect hybrid combination to communicate instantly with your leads.

Send messages on Zoho CRM

Sending messages on the Kaleyra platform previously required you to log in to the application or use the API keys to trigger an API. Now, with our handy integration with Zoho CRM, you can seamlessly send Kaleyra messages directly on the Zoho CRM application using the Kaleyra plug-in. All you have to do is download the Kaleyra plug-in and you’ll be good to go. With this integration, you can send messages to a single lead, a group of leads or the entire lead list. You can even schedule the messages as per your requirements. We’ve even made your life easier by providing SMS history right in your Zoho CRM application.

Start meaningful interactions

One-way communication is pretty great but even better is two-way communication with your leads. Kaleyra plug-in enables the same on Zoho CRM. The Kaleyra plug-in for Zoho CRM can pull data from the Kaleyra platform just with an API key. It pulls data like. With data like sender ID, templates and credits already pulled into your CRM, you can now send two-way SMS and make communication with your leads interactive. Your leads will be able to send you SMS, which helps you to choose your next move wisely. You can also select specific leads from a large lead pool and target your campaigns more effectively. 

Automate lead communication and nurturing

Workflows help you achieve the trending buzz word in the field of CPaaS now – ‘automation’. By setting up a few steps, you can create automation flows where the specified events will trigger messages to the leads. You can structure workflows for any activity, from lead creation to conversion, and can set up any number of workflows too. This way, you don’t have to manually sit down and send an SMS on lead creation or updation. For instance, every time a lead is created, an SMS could be automatically triggered with zero manual intervention. With this technology, you no longer have to worry about regular activities.

Third-party integrations simplify the way we conduct business in this day and age. By installing the Kaleyra plug-in for Zoho CRM, you can streamline how you communicate with your users – easily and effectively.

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi