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A message from our CEO, Dario Calogero: Kaleyra’s response to COVID19 crisis

A message from our CEO, Dario Calogero: Kaleyra’s response to COVID19 crisis
By Dario Calogero . 10 Apr 2020 . image 10 min read

Dear Kaleyra Family,

The COVID-19 crisis has changed life as we know it. These are challenging times for everyone. This is also the time to be brave, stand strong, and support each other in battling this crisis. 

During times of uncertainty, communication becomes even more critical, be it to connect with your citizens, your employees, or your customers. As a company, we are doing everything we can to support our team, our customers, businesses, governments, and NGOs in dealing with the emergency caused by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Here are some of the initiatives we launched in recent times in response to the crisis:

A remote work environment for business continuity

One of the first things we did at the onset of the crisis was to mobilize our global team with the tools and support they need to work safely from home. From customer support, tech to HR, our teams are working remotely to ensure that we are there for our customers when they need us the most. We have not stopped hiring either. With online tools for assessment and onboarding, we are expanding our team. We are not afraid to grow, and we are looking for like-minded people who can help us scale in these challenging times. If you know someone who is looking for a job in the current scenario, please spread this message and visit our careers page for details on job vacancies:

Kaleyra’s support for governments and NGOs 

We are also working with NGOs, startups, and governments to create specialized cloud telephony services that will allow the general public to access information or emergency services via call or message. Kaleyra’s SMS and Voice technology currently support the work of the Italian Red Cross and the government of Karnataka. If you are a government or an NGO that needs similar services in fighting COVID-19, we can help. We are ready to use our global presence and CPaaS technology to help you deal with this emergency. To know more, please email us at

Specialized cloud telephony services for businesses 

We have also launched a series of specialized cloud telephony services to help our clients and other firms communicate with their employees, clients, and sustain business operations remotely. If you want to use these services or learn more, please email us at or visit:

At Kaleyra, our top priority is the safety of our employees, our customers, our partners, and the communities that we live in. We will continue to support initiatives to make the lives of our stakeholders easier and safer. We are not giving up. We are standing strong and are here to help you fight this crisis. 

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