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7 reasons why SMEs must switch to Cloud contact centre

7 reasons why SMEs must switch to Cloud contact centre
By Pooja AV . 28 Sep 2018 . image 10 min read

Startup landscape has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years. The business world no longer just belongs to the elite and high brand companies with so many startups and SMEs making way every day into the market. Technological innovations in the recent past has never been this extensive. But along with the growth, the competition also has raised. Providing exceptional customer services, implementing technological products to automate time-consuming processes and reducing manual interventions for repeated queries is what makes a company different from its competitor.

To achieve the above-mentioned parameters and not lag behind, SMEs must implement Cloud Telephony solutions. According to a study by Cloud Insights, 67% of the businesses are now moving to Cloud-based applications to achieve smoother business operational efficiency. For those who are still skeptical about Cloud and here’s everything you need to know about Cloud Telephony.

Cloud basically functions from a centralized location on the internet where data is stored and accessible anytime and from anywhere. With multiple devices now available for users, like smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops etc., it’s important for businesses to reach users across channels and enable real-time business communication.

Be it an e-commerce platform, or any online business, the market giants have moved to Cloud telephony solutions for smooth business functioning. Cloud telephony service providers offer messaging and voice solutions which are easy to use and helps businesses scale easily.

Here’s why SMEs must switch to Cloud telephony platforms:

1. Resource utilization

SMEs face a cash crunch and may not want to spend much on resources. Cloud telephony platforms can help SMEs manage businesses more efficiently by providing details on customer engagement, campaign response, automate most of the repeated queries through simple key-press options customized through IVR solution.

Cloud telephony enhances the productivity of your support agents by allowing them to manage call flow since it distributes call equally to all agents. With faster resolution to queries by customers, SMEs can utilize resources smartly and achieve customer satisfaction easily.

2. Quick implementation

Cloud telephony eliminates the need for on-premise data centers which can be quite expensive to maintain for an SME. It also removes the complexity of maintaining expensive servers, networks, etc. since everything is taken care by the Cloud telephony provider.

The solutions provided are easy, quick set-up, with basic document verification and the users, receives an account where they can add credits and have the messaging or voice platform up and running in no time.

3. Scalability

Cloud telephony platform like that of Kaleyra runs on a pay-as-you-go model which is very helpful for SMEs since they can invest according to their need of the hour. Scale up when the business demands and scale down during off-peak times.

Cloud telephony also helps SMEs with automatic routing which helps them automatically switch networks and reduce the load at any given point of time. This ensures faster delivery of time-bound OTPs and sending millions of messages during campaigns.

4. Automatic updates

Manual or traditional PBX systems is a hassle to maintain and will have downtimes and rigid features. Cloud telephony provider eliminates all of this and handles it from their end. Be it automatic software updates or handling network downtime, they do it all. It is done with transparency and does not affect the customer’s business operations.

Automatic updates also ensure the latest security measures are implemented such that Cloud platforms are continuously secure and data leak is eliminated.

5. Highly secure and reliable

SMEs have to invest on business growth plans and often find themselves short of funds. But Cloud telephony providers, contrary to the popular belief, they are equipped with latest security measures. Most of them provide a secure encrypted platform which is tough for hackers to get a hold of.

They also have data recovery measures in case of any disaster which makes it, more reliable option than maintaining storage centers and eliminate data theft. Cloud telephony guarantees security, reliability and consistent, dependable communication without the need for large infrastructure investments or hundreds of resources until business scales up.

6. Connecting multiple stakeholders

Often SMEs have resources working from multiple locations and sometimes it may also consist of contractual workers apart from internal employees. Having a cloud-based platform bridges the gap easily since and enables people to come together under single platform, stay connected from anywhere, any time. Since cloud platforms are secure and reliable, SMEs do not have to worry about adding extra security measures to provide access to its employees.

They can manage user permissions, Cloud provides the flexibility of sharing permissions where organizations can limit access and provide only the necessary and relevant information according to the teams’ requirements.

7. Customer satisfaction

Cloud telephony platforms helps take customer service to a whole new level. It enables cost optimization by being easily integrable with third-party applications. CRM systems can be integrated in minutes and IVR flows enable support agents to get customer details in seconds. This helps provide customer personalization and makes it convenient for both customers as well as support agents to handle queries efficiently.

Cloud-based voice platforms perform well enough to reduce waiting time for customers thereby allowing businesses to have a support team which can achieve first call resolution.

Call recording helps businesses listen to conversations and understand the queries in depth and provide better solutions for repeated queries, also understand diverse nature of queries and look for ways to automate them thus improving operational efficiency.

It also acts as training tool to improve customer agent relations and achieve customer satisfaction.

SMEs can use Cloud voice solutions to get feedback about their products & services easily through outbound dialing. They can leverage this feedback and improve the quality of services. Kaleyra’s outbound dialer is known for automating process and acts as an efficient channel to receive feedback, record the input and provide it to the businesses.

Cloud telephony is without a doubt changing the way businesses communicate. It is making businesses function smoothly and provide excellent customer service. It concentrates on ensuring that businesses offer the best service to its customers thereby gaining brand loyalty and improving business revenues.

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