Zomato & Kaleyra

23 Jul, 2020

Kaleyra Helped Runnr (now Zomato) Reach Its Customers Faster

Runnr was one of India’s largest providers of on-demand delivery drivers to various restaurants and e-commerce partners. With 5000+ happy merchants and 10,000+ happy partners, it was acquired by Zomato recently, making it part of India’s largest food aggregator. 

Runnr had a large number of delivery personnel who would handle millions of orders on a monthly basis. Delivering orders in a matter of minutes was the business statement Runnr was functioning on. But in an era where digitalization had hit its peak, it was very important to enable real-time communication to end-users to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Runnr was looking for technology that could provide them live tracking and thus simplify order management. Kaleyra’s Cloud Communication platform was the perfect fit for Runnr’s requirements. It helped them track and measure every order with detailed analytics and real-time data all in one place.

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