Curefit & Kaleyra

23 Jul, 2018

Curefit Uses Kaleyra’s Cloud platform For Real-Time Communication

Curefit, a chain of health and wellness, is a new-age, modern fitness centre that has changed the face of fitness in India. It is an innovative combination of engagement, coaching, and delivery through online and offline channels.

Curefit is digitizing fitness and allowing users to book classes at their fingertips on the app. With digitalization, however, arises the issue of reaching customers in real-time and providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, with the addition of other services like food delivery through, booking yoga classes with and getting healthcare with easy access through meant the addition of more stakeholders. This pushed the brand to look for cloud telephony platforms that were efficient and reliable to meet their requirements. They needed a global leader who could offer a 360-degree solution for connecting with its multiple stakeholders easily and in real-time.

Kaleyra stepped in and solved their issues of call connectivity, network operators and manual intervention with its Cloud Communication platform.

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