Kaleyra’s Cloud platform helps Spoton Logistics scale seamlessly

Logistics involves a complex process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods, including services and related information, from the point of origin to the point of consumption. The goal of logistics is to successfully meet customer requirements. This can be achieved through efficient management by the various teams involved on ground to help customer every step of the way such that they are notified about their shipments at every single point.

A logistics provider serves usually number of industries and segments across various regions. Such a geographically diverse business needs a much more futuristic business communication platform which aims at bridging gaps of business communication and understands the importance of connecting businesses and its customers in real-time.

When a logistics startup approached Kaleyra in 2011 to bridge the gaps, Cloud telephony saved the day for this logistics company and helped scale easily over the years with Kaleyra’s evolving cloud platform.

Read on to know how Spoton leveraged Kaleyra’s Cloud platform to provide real-time updates to its customers and allow the teams to manage efficiently.

About Spoton 

Spoton Logistics, formerly known as Startrek Logistics Pvt ltd is a private equity firm that stands for providing the most accurate and right Express Logistics service to our customers. With registered office and the Head Office in Bengaluru, they are a network of around 1000 people across India.

With a strong network that connects North, East, West, South through 3 Regional offices, 11 hubs and 8 depots in the country, Spoton currently delivers to over 18,000 pincodes across the country. As an Express Logistics service provider, they hold expertise in movement of cargo in India within the transit time.

Along with a well-established network as well as services of professionals provide them a strong and secure base for all the logistical needs of clients.

Spoton provides logistics solutions to industries and segments like Hi-Tech, Automotive, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Electrical and Life style and Retail. Spoton has a holistic customer orientation across all customer facing functions, excellent people orientation with strong people processes and excellent operating processes.

Spoton’s Concerns

Spoton Logistics has a vast network with nationwide connectivity. This makes it challenging for them to manage project pipelines and track the status of cargo. This involves multiple resources from different departments and takes longer turnaround times for query redressal. For consignments that involve interstate transits, the number of resources increase, thus increasing the complexity of the concern and the time taken to resolve it.

Managing a network with vast framework

Spoton being a logistics company was facing major issues within company network to understand status of the transit and track the cargo status. This scenario resulted in multiple resources being involved at same time and multiple separate conversations taking place making it absolutely dreadful to trace any concern related to transit. This aected the overall functioning of the system, decreased eciency, increased idle time and turnaround time. It reflected directly on the communication with the customers with the responses to customer being delayed, customers being put on hold for longer times, making them impatient and thus making query redressal a cumbersome process.

To suggest any long term automated cloud-based solution, it was necessary for Kaleyra to understand the nature of queries that Spoton’s team was facing so that Kaleyra can help the logistics provider accomplish their goals of providing a great customer experience with timely updates.

Nature of Concerns

The nature of the interdepartmental concerns involved the following:

Taking a customer order

Availability of Shipment Staff, Timelines, Transport Details, Pincode Deliverability, Proactive Booking

Processing the order

Requires Order Placement Details, Locational Details, Deliverability Options etc.

Timelines of shipment

Availability of shipment sta, Availability of Vehicles, Shortest Routes

Loading and unloading of the shipment items

Time required to load, Item tracking codes, Item weight etc.

Transport Process

Time involved, Payload in tons, Route count, Vehicle Number and other details

Delivery process

Date and time of delivery, Concerned person for delivery, Online Tracking, GPS Traceability

Confirmation of Delivery

Barcode Status, Messaging, Reports, Submission Details

Customer Feedback

Tracing Customer Feedback, Suggestion for Improvements

Once the natures of queries were listed, Kaleyra observed the functioning of the logistics provider and made a list of gaps and offered Cloud Telephony solutions to achieve Spoton’s objective.

Kaleyra understood that Spoton requires:

  1. Quick query resolution
  2. Simplification of the existing process through automation
  3. Involvement of right resources (so that additional resources do not get involved in a query)
  4. Single call system to get all the resources involved to trace a concern (To avoid the pattern on one-to-one calls)
  5. Quick Transaction alerts

Kaleyra’s Solutions to Spoton

To address the client concerns, Kaleyra offered them Voice and Messaging solutions through intelligent IVR studio that would help in routing calls internally to multiple departments easily and alerts messages that would inform customers about shipments and notify them about delivery updates etc.

Kaleyra also provided them a dedicated number that enabled the delivery team to confirm the status of successful delivery. Spoton had several departments involved in a transit, like Depot sta, Shipment team, Customer care team, Transport department who work on a single consignment.

How did Kaleyra’s state-of-the art IVR help Spoton?

IVR helped them get in touch with the respective team easier and to report concerns.

It made the processes seem simpler and helped build more team efficiency without the need to add more agents as the customers increased.

Spoton’s processes streamlined

VR or Interactive Voice Response is a technology that allows you to design your call flows efficiently, giving your customers an interactive and customized experience while ensuring that they are routed to the right agent at the right time.

IVR allows businesses to customize call flow and engage customers faster through easy “drag & drop” widgets. It lets businesses to automate and dynamically route calls to the right agent based on customer’s number.

Kaleyra’s IVR has a simple set-up and provide 24×7 support to deal with any issues faced by clients. Kaleyra’s IVR offers intelligently designed analytics and lets businesses monitor their customer support agents in a real-time basis and track calls in terms of location, agent performance and other call details which can also be easily downloaded and used for further analysis.

IVR allows Live Call monitoring and improves Brand recognition by allowing businesses to assign keypress for each department and thus help create a lasting impression on their customers.

Apart from allowing businesses to massive call volume, IVR follows advanced routing and connects calls to the next available agent thus ensuring zero wait time to customers, increase first call resolution and improve agent productivity thus increasing first call resolution.

Kaleyra’s flexible IVR allows businesses to create a customized call flow by using drag and drop widgets and allowing businesses to have a functional call centre in under 60 seconds.

IVR in use at Spoton

  1. The process is such that, once the delivery team confirms the status of the delivery through IVR, the project team communicates the delivery status to the customer
  2. Through this, the project team can track the status of delivery, time taken for delivery
  3. In case there’s a delay in delivery, the emergency team pitches in and ensures alternatives on the process, and keeps the customer informed about the same
  4. Spoton ensured there are successful contingencies to track & maintain the consignments in line with timelines, which also gain customer trust by keeping them

IVR Solutions provide businesses with advantage of routing calls and assigning keypress according to the departments in demand such that customers find it easy to navigate to the right department and get the queries resolved faster. OVR call flows created redirects the customers according to the chosen input via keypress thus reducing manual efforts from the agent to route them to the right department and make the process more automated.

Conference Calling Solutions

Amongst the multiple drag and drop widgets available with Kaleyra’s IVR, Conference calling was suggested by Kaleyra to the logistics provider. This widget allows customers queries to be resolved by looping in domain experts on same call thus achieving multi-way conversation.

For Spoton, the conference widget enabled their various departments to get connected through a single call and understand the issues thus resulting in quick query resolution. This increases the first call resolution for customer support centre and show the customers that Spoton is eager to keep their customers experience as top most priority.

Voice recordings are available for calls so that managers can track and monitor agent’s and teams’ performance, understand the most repeated or pattern of queries, come up with long term solutions, increase agent productivity and much more that is possible only with technologically advanced Cloud Telephony systems like that of Kaleyra’s Voice solutions.

How did Kaleyra’s state-of-the art IVR help Spoton?

  1. Through Conference calls, Spoton can now track where the consignment is, resolve concerns regarding the wrong shipment item, boarding a wrong vehicle, Item damages and returns, failed verification, delivery to wrong address, lost or misplaced items and much more
  2. Conference calls also enabled to figure out a repetitive pattern of errors and bring in a complacent system to keep errors at bay
  3. Managers can now ascertain patterns of training required and areas of improvement for the staff through Voice Recordings thus improving customer experience along the way
  4. Conference calls provided them a common platform for gathering all resources, enabling open interactions and clear progression towards current consignments and future tasks

Messaging Solutions for Spoton

Being one of the leading logistics providers in the country, concentrating on expanding the businesses beyond geographical barriers was one of the top most priorities for Spoton. This meant that the company had to focus on business expansion all the while providing superior customer satisfaction.

In the age of smartphones, providing an update at every step becomes the need of the hour. Kaleyra’s Smart messaging solutions did exactly that for Spoton’s customers.

Through Alerts Messages, Kaleyra was able to provide transaction details, shipment updates like when the shipment was dispatched, when exactly it will reach them, helping customers track their shipment through messages, inform them when it was out for delivery and provide them with the delivery agent’s details enabling them to contact each other, and lastly informing the customers once the shipment was delivered along with the name of the person who had received the delivery.

Messages not only helped customers keep track of shipments but provide OTPs for setting up pick up requests and other transaction related messages.

Kaleyra’s messaging solutions helped Spoton to keep customers informed in detail and thereby enriching user experience through simple, scalable and secure platform.

Providing messaging solutions allows businesses to concentrate on their products and services while the Cloud telephony provider like Kaleyra help businesses achieve real-time seamless communication experience to customers.

Outcome of the Solutions

  1. Spoton could involve 13 members in a conference call to resolve an issue at ease
  2. Average duration of the calls rounded up to 45 minutes
  3. Minimum number of people involved in a call are 3 and maximum (till date) are 20
  4. People from over 15 departments could join the conference call to resolve the issues
  5. They have improved overall eciency by over 34% post using Conference calls
  6. Customer care team can handle up to 150 additional calls a day, as the process is automated and simplified
  7. Through IVR, it has become easier for the project teams to communicate the status of delivery to the customers, which reduced the status calls by over 26% through automation



Key Takeaways

Organizational tasks often involve more than two resources to involve in a meeting. If the resources are working cross functionally across locations, telephonic conversations are the most preferred channels of communication.

In cases where more than a team is involved in a project, “Conference Calls” connect the teams seamlessly, irrespective of geographical barriers. Call Conferencing not only enabled mandatory resources to join a call, but also fostered meaningful interactions and result driven outcomes.

Communicating to the customers and providing real-time updates is important and showcases the value the company’s product or service can add to their being.

To deliver a product or service that can add value to the customer, company’s interdepartmental communication needs collaborative clarity and agile functioning of departments. Conference calls and Messaging solutions can add that meticulousness and ease of functioning with minimum manual eort through automation.

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