Curefit uses Kaleyra’s Cloud platform for real-time communication

India is making a conscious move towards leading a fitter, healthier life. As more and more people have become fitness enthusiasts, there is a huge difference in lifestyle trends. According to a study conducted by Gympik, most of the fitness enthusiasts are mostly in the age group of 20-35 years – milennials. They bank on DIY workout plans to overcome time constraints and look for online instructions that can be done in between their hectic work lives. A huge number of customers prefer digitally forward platforms for making their fitness journey smoother. Gone are the days when people had to call the fitness centres and book trainers for a workout session. Introduction of new age fitness solutions have allowed users to book class according to their convenient slot and get trained by the best in industry.

Curefit, a chain of fitness and wellness, is one such new age modern fitness centre that has changed the face of fitness in India in the recent past through Cultfit. Breaking the gym monotony by providing no equipment classes with a number of new age fitness trends, Cultfit is digitalizing fitness and allowing users to book classes at their fingertips on the app. With digitalization, rises the issue of reaching customers in real-time and providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Cloud telephony known for its innovative approach is the future of business communication. With the aim of simplifying business communication and bridging gaps, businesses are increasingly choosing newer technologically advanced platforms to reach customers in real-time. Cloud Telephony with its cost-effective products solutions is the perfect fit that businesses choose to enable real-time communication to connect end users.

About Curefit

Curefit is a health and fitness company. Curefit is an innovative combination of engagement, coaching and delivery through a combination of online and offline channels. Both experiences, seamlessly integrated aims at providing end-to-end proactive health management to consumers. Through this solution, users will be able to enjoy better quality of life, reduce the probability of falling sick and significantly reduce risks for long term chronic diseases.

Founded in 2016, Curefit is headquartered at Bengaluru, India with 200 passionate individuals in their team. It has 75 centres as plans to expand to 500 centres in the next three years. Since its inception, Curefit has diversified and offers four distinct services:,, and The app and website both provide a detailed overview of all the services offered by Curefit chain.

Users can book subscription for healthy meals. The meals are available currently in select areas in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Users can watch DIY workout videos and exercise at home. They also have the option of booking workout sessions or signup for membership packages at Cult centres through app and website.

Provides meditation audios to relieve stress and anxiety. Users can book yoga, meditation and group therapy classes at centre through app or website.

The newest addition to the chain, provides doctor consultation, health check-up and managed care plans. Users can book appointments in-app or via website.

Hurdles faced by Curefit

The growing chain of brand was in need of an advanced business communication platform that could help connect the stakeholders easily and in real-time. Revolutionizing fitness by allowing users to book class slots according to their convenience at a centre chosen by the user meant the brand had to step up and bridge the communication gaps between its centres and customers.

With the addition of other services like food delivery through, booking yoga classes with and getting healthcare with easy access through meant addition of more stakeholders. This pushed the brand to look for cloud telephony platforms that was efficient and reliable to meet their requirements. They needed a global leader who could offer a 360-degree solution that could help the brand connect its multiple stakeholders easily and in real-time.

With many regulatory issues, Curefit was facing issues with delay in call connectivity due to numerous network operator connectivity issues. Manual intervention was required during network downtimes to switch to other operator which led to customers raising complaints. The nature of complaints were quite diverse with customers unable to connect with delivery agents or vice versa. It would take a longer duration for the call to get connected for delivery agents who were trying to reach customers to inform them about their order delivery, confirmation, cancellation, navigation details to reach the delivery address etc. Manual intervention of switching network operators was cumbersome and not a feasible option in the long run since it would lead to customer frustration ultimately affecting the business value.

Curefit also wanted to have the complete ownership with respect to customer centre management. They wanted to be accessible to customers but give the agents the flexibility to receive calls as per convenience and priority. Promoting its app, Curefit wanted to have a different approach to call centre with the fitness and wellness chain wanting to provide end-to-end support via app. This allowed them to concentrate on making their products and services better and allowing them to reach customers when the priority of the issue was high.


Kaleyra offers Cloud-based solutions

Kaleyra also provided end-to-end business communication solutions to Curefit through its messaging and voice platform.

Kaleyra’s Messaging Platform

Alerts Platform

To maintain real-time communication with customers, Kaleyra’s messaging platform helped Curefit deliver message alerts to customer’s registered mobile number informing them about the slot confirmation in case of Cultfit classes. The customer would get details through message about the session booked, center chosen by customer, time slot, booking ID etc. The messages sent to customers would give them a quick overview about the details of the class booked making it easier to remember. Similarly, a message would be triggered from Kaleyra’s platform when the chosen class was cancelled by the customer making it easier for other customers to book the slots because of the cancellations.

Curefit chose Kaleyra’s Alerts platform to inform customers about other services also when the customers booked a meal through, class through or a doctor’s appointment via

Promotional messaging

Being a growing fitness and wellness chain, Curefit also wanted to inform its existing customers and capture new audience by sending promotional messages. Curefit could now inform its target audience about ongoing offers, upcoming campaigns, discounts for first time users etc. through Kaleyra’s promotional messaging.

Kaleyra’s messaging platform makes campaign management very easy. Curefit could concatenate lengthy messages and send through Kaleyra’s messaging platform. Kaleyra’s in-built graphical analytics provides Curefit a detailed customer usage behavior helping them narrow down the target audience with real-time data and reports.

With a 12-hour window from 9AM to 9PM, Curefit can now reach customers faster with Kaleyra’s messaging logic which allows them to communicate with customers in a personalized way.

Curefit also sends messages to users to receive feedback about the classes taken by them, food ordered by the customer or to know how the doctor’s appointment went which helps them improve customer experience. The feedback/survey messages are triggered through Kaleyra’s platform which has the capacity to handle 3 Billion messages per month. With Kaleyra’s ever evolving platform, Curefit did not have to worry about scaling, reliability or security issues.

Kaleyra’s Voice Platform

Kaleyra’s voice platform aims at simplifying user experience by helping businesses automate their business communication through robust APIs. Kaleyra’s strong network connectivity across 200+ countries with 800+ operators was exactly what Curefit needed to bridge communication gaps for its multiple stakeholders.

To overcome the delay in call connectivity issues, Kaleyra helped Curefit to move towards optimizing the manual switching of network operator connection during downtime through its automated router-Splitter. This helped the fitness and wellness leader to handle call connectivity issues more efficiently.

Apart from optimizing the routing issues, Kaleyra also provided a widget-based calling system known as Click 2 Call to Curefit. This provided a one stop solution for all the voice queries that were raised and helped achieve smooth functioning of the business by enabling real-time communication for end users easily.

Click 2 Call connects agents and customers of Curefit Click 2 Call allowed Cultfit agents to call customers in case of any queries raised through app or website, easily track the query and resolve it. After every class booked by a customer, Cultfit sends messages to understand the experience. To follow up about the feedback received, Cultfit agents get in touch with customers easily through Click 2 Call provided by Kaleyra.

Eat-fit: Click 2 call enables real-time communication between delivery agents and customers. Kaleyra’s browser extension Callee makes it easier for agents to connect with customers easily with just the click of a button. Whether it’s order related query, navigational issues, order cancellation etc., Click 2 Call bridges the communication gaps and provides seamless user experience. This adds to brand recognition making Curefit known as a business that cares for its customer experience and satisfaction.

Click 2 Call provides call center functionality at the fingertips. It helps reduce manual effort by allowing agents to follow up with customers according to the time convenient for customers. Businesses don’t have to worry about conversation backup since Kaleyra provides call recordings of each call triggered from its platform. This not only helps businesses to understand the performance of their support team but can be used to train agents and improve customer experience. Real-time reports helps businesses measure how effective the voice strategy is and helps understand user behavior in detail.

Kaleyra’s Automated Outbound dialer delivers OTP

Being an app focused and website centric fitness and wellness chain, Curefit delivers OTP for app login, password reset etc. to its customers through Kaleyra’s automated Outbound dialer. This is a great way to connect with customers at a personalized level. Outbound dialer weeds out the necessity of manual intervention and delivers timebound OTPs easily on customer’s registered mobile number enabling a smooth user experience. Outbound dialer is also one of the quickest ways to get in touch with customers and provide a rich customer experience. The Text-to-Speech widget enables easy conversion of the written form and delivers OTP through automated voice calls to the customers making it understandable and seamless.

Kaleyra’s platform bridges business communication gaps for Curefit

Kaleyra’s simplified platform aims at bridging communication gaps whether it’s a startup or an enterprise. Through powerful communication tools, Kaleyra empowers businesses to communication safely, securely and effectively in an instant through its messaging and voice platform. Cure fit handles close to 10,000 food orders and doubling as we speak through its platform enabling customers to order delicious meal at the click of a button. Kaleyra helps connect the stakeholders involved through its Voice platform.

Cure fit handles close to 10,000 food orders and doubling as we speak through its platform enabling customers to order delicious meal at the click of a button. Kaleyra helps connect the stakeholders involved through its Voice platform.

Currently more than 100K calls are triggered on a monthly basis through Click 2 call platform helping Curefit reach its customers seamlessly. A massive of 5.2 Million messages have been delivered through Kaleyra’s messaging platform empowering Curefit to bridge communication gaps in real-time. It also helps Curefit provide hassle-free services to its customers while gathering detailed data in real-time and graphical analytics giving them an overview of business functions through Kaleyra’s dashboard.

Key Takeaways

Cloud telephony solutions are advanced and innovative. It’s the future of business communication. It helps enhance customer satisfaction along with providing intelligent insights on marketing campaigns. Not only does it help scale businesses, it drives brand engagement.

Cloud telephony helps businesses reach target audience beyond geographical barriers. It also helps communicate in a language of your choice and help you connect better with your audience.

Automate your time consuming processes with simple Cloud telephony solutions and grow your businesses. Visit our website to know more about our products and services and how we can help you.


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