Establish trust in voice communication with Verified Calls

Confirm your brand identity to your consumers with your business name, business logo, and verification badge, and set the ground for a successful engagement.

Strengthen your customer relations and establish your credibility as a brand

Deliver reliable and secure voice communication

Ensure that your users always know it is you by getting your brand name verified by Google. Each call you make will be verified, so recipients are ensured that the call is made by a trusted business.

Gain trust and improve call answer rates

Instill confidence among your recipients, and improve your call pick-up rates by displaying a verification symbol indicating that your business has been authenticated by Google.

Protect your brand Image with a verified business profile

Have total control over how your brand is presented, and gain a competitive edge by displaying your credentials that prove you are a genuine and established brand.

How Verified Calls by Google work?

After a business registers for Verified Calls, it will send Google its business number, the customer number, along with the call reason. Google then sends this information to the customer’s Android device’s Google Phone app. The device compares the incoming call information with the information Google received from the business and, if there’s a match, the Phone app displays the call as “Verified.” Verified Calls are available to users through Google’s Phone app on Android, which comes preloaded on many Android devices.

Steps to get started with Verified Calls

Step 1 – Registration

Create an account on Kaleyra, add or port your numbers, and contact us to get registered for Google Verified Calls.

Step 2 – Verification

Kaleyra thoroughly verifies your brand information and submits it to Google for launch approval.

Step 3 – Launch

Upon Google’s verification and approval, you are ready to make Verified Calls to your customers using Kaleyra.

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