Kaleyra’s Empowers Leading Job Portals to Reach Jobseekers at a Faster Rate

Recruiting the right person is one of the major challenges faced today by companies. Be it a startup or a large corporate, finding the right talent beating the conventional methods of hiring is the need of the hour. Smaller companies especially face issues hiring the right candidate since they have to match what a large corporate can offer. Hiring is a time-consuming process that sometimes can get done in a matter of days or remain open for months.
If finding the correct match for the organization is a challenge, the amount of time, resources spent calls for the need to automate the hiring process making it more efficient and easy. Cloud telephony services help automate time-consuming manual processes and makes organizations function better and smoother in terms of business operations, hiring, and recruitment process. IVR has helped jobseekers reach recruiters directly without having to worry about manually transferring calls.

Before Cloud telephony, recruiters used the traditional telephony methods that created hurdles and were incapable of handling large call volumes smoothly. This led to botched customer experience ultimately making the businesses take a hit. Most often recruiters were not sure if the mobile number provided by job seekers were correct, or some of the job seekers would have incomplete profiles making it hard for recruiters to get complete
details about the candidate when they visited job portals.

Kaleyra – the global leader in Cloud communications helped these job portals bridge gaps and aimed at providing smooth business
communications to its clients. Through their unique cloud-based message and voice offerings, Kaleyra made it easier for these job portals to reach job seekers in a seamless way.

Kaleyra’s platform connects stakeholders seamlessly

After careful understanding of the issues faced by leading Job portals, Kaleyra offered its Messaging and Voice solutions to the clients. With its robust messaging platform that delivers 3 Billion messages and handles a massive call volume of 600 Million voice calls per year, Kaleyra helped job portals to reach job seekers in an easier and faster way. Through its network operator connections in over 190+ countries, it also helped these businesses break the geographical barriers and use Kaleyra’s Global messaging platform to reach job seekers worldwide.
Cloud telephony solutions help job portals to reach job seekers easily by reducing manual efforts with its IVR product that helps customize call flows. Apart from the Alerts messages, Kaleyra with its unique offerings helped these job portals take it a step further in reaching job seekers right on their mobile devices by sending TXTLY links in bulk to millions of job seekers.

Kaleyra also offered Outbound calls that triggered automated calls to the registered mobile number of candidates through robust APIs and helped them in the verification process during sign up. These outbound calls triggered helped jobseekers by delivering OTPs on their registered mobile numbers to complete the verification process for new users.

Kaleyra’s Alerts Platform

Kaleyra offers Alerts messages, also known as Notifications, that helps businesses engage customers and send messages on their phones instantly. Kaleyra’s Alerts platform has an uptime of 99.9% with assured delivery of messages in milliseconds. This is one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses like job portals when they have to reach millions of customers at any given time. Another aspect, businesses use Alerts platform is to keep customers informed about how to avoid any untoward security and fraud attempts. Customer security is one of the topmost areas that every
business focuses on, Job portals are no different. Using Kaleyra’s platform, job portals sent Customer Security Alerts to its job seekers informing them not to fall prey for any fraudulent claims made by hackers posing as job portal agents.

With most of the job seekers using premium services involving transactions, its most essential to keep customers informed about fraudulent calls and putting Customer privacy in the forefront for running successful businesses. This adds business value along with customer loyalty which makes businesses thrive in no time.

TXTLY- Kaleyra’s Campaign Management Tool

Kaleyra’s Txtly helps businesses manage and execute marketing campaigns successfully. It helps filter audience by gaining information about the browser, device type, and brand, operating system, geo-location, and message timestamp. Txtly allows businesses to shorten lengthy URLs, send customize links to each user, and improve customer engagement.

Advanced Txtly allows businesses to attach documents, images, and help them improve their mobile marketing to reach a larger target audience. Txtly
until recently was thought only as a URL shortener, but with the latest updates, it’s more than just a normal URL shortener. Kaleyra created a unique Bulk TXTLY campaign for one of the leading job portals in India, which was unique to each job seeker sent on their registered mobile number. The shortened URL link when clicked redirected users directly onto the Job portal’s website or app without the users having to log in. The Autologin feature was enabled which was unique for each user eliminating the need for job seekers to remember username or password and logged automatically. This helped job seekers to update their profile, make changes in resume or work experience, etc. through a single link that was delivered to their inbox. Kaleyra’s messaging platform can deliver 50K unique Txtly links to 50K users at one go making it the best choice to send millions of Txtly-enabled
messages in a matter of minutes to jobseekers.

Kaleyra’s Outbound Dialing automates millions of calls

In the past, recruiters had to manually dial each number and let job seekers know about the status of job application recently applied, or ask them to verify their account or reach out to users who have not logged into the job portal for an extended period of time. Letting users know that their account was dormant was a waste of recruiters’ precious time when they were scouting for the right candidates in a time-bound function. Kaleyra’s Outbound Dialing helped these recruiters in contacting job seekers through automated voice calls. One of the leading job portals followed STFP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) which allowed them to transfer all registered users’ details onto Kaleyra’s platform. With the help of API configured for this specific purpose of reducing manual efforts, these robust APIs automatically dialed the mobile numbers of these users from the data backed up. Kaleyra’s user friendly platform allowed to include IVR based call flow set up with easy keypress options allowing job seekers to enter their response without having to waste much time waiting for an actual agent to get in touch and saved time for recruiters from having to manually dial thousands of jobseekers

Once the outbound call was initiated, it would normally have an option like Press 1 to verify your mobile number, Press 2 to activate your account, Press 3 to deactivate your account. The responses entered were later sent as reports to the job portal through API which would give them a detailed view of jobseeker details and preference in real-time through Kaleyra’s intelligent analytics.

The outcome of the Solutions provided by Kaleyra

Through Kaleyra’s messaging and voice solutions like Alerts, Txtly, and Outbound dialing, Job portals triggered more than 100K messages per month to inform customers to keep their accounts safe from fraudulent attacks.

More than 650K Txtly enabled links were sent to users to enable the auto-login feature saving businesses precious time and gain insights on jobseekers’ preference in a hassle-free manner. Txtly ensures the messages are delivered directly to users’ inbox thus enabling brand recognition and providing valuable insights on user behavior in real-time. Job portals can now track and manage hundreds of links in seconds with Kaleyra’s detailed dashboard which gives customers details in real-time. Kaleyra’s Voice platform triggered 500K calls to job seekers through Outbound dialing thus reducing manual intervention and automating time-consuming processes. Kaleyra’s outbound dialing also helped job portals to reach job seekers across the globe and streamline processes giving them a detailed view on target audience helping recruiters with verified jobseekers. Outbound Dialing added rich customer experience by making the process user friendly and job seekers did not have to waste much time getting connected to agents. Job portals could reach jobseekers like never before by providing personalized customer experience through customized IVR call flows making it easier to bridge communication gaps between job portals and job seekers.

Once the outbound call was initiated, it would normally have an option like Press 1 to verify your mobile number, Press 2 to activate your account, Press 3 to deactivate your account. The responses entered were later sent as reports to the job portal through API which would give them a detailed view of jobseeker details and preference in real-time through Kaleyra’s intelligent analytics.

Key Takeaways

Cloud telephony empowers job portals in reaching the right jobseeker through easy-to-use cloud-based solutions. Cloud telephony has simplified time-consuming processes and powered job portals to reach candidates in real-time without any hassle. It also serves as one of the most economical solutions for recruiters to reach the right candidates who are actively looking for a job with verified phone numbers making the entire hiring process more efficient. Apart from automating time-consuming processes, cloud telephony helps businesses get an actual idea about the number of active users looking for job which makes it easier for recruiters to connect with them in real-time.

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