Gartner’s All-New Market Guide for CPaaS

14 Oct, 2020

Short for Communications Platforms as a Service, CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to use several communication features like voice, messaging and video as part of their own applications or any other internet-enabled application through communications API.

According to Gartner, “CPaaS vendors are expanding the scope of their products and services to target more use cases focused on customer service, Internet of Things and marketing.” This consolidated market guide by Gartner contains everything you need to know about the CPaaS market – right from pricing models and global providers to market recommendations. The guide further provides a thorough analysis of representative vendors in each category. Gartner lists out the key attributes of CPaas vendors and assesses each representative based on them, so readers can get a clear understanding of the market and its offerings.

This report serves as a base for leaders all around the world to strategically choose the best CPaaS providers for their specific business needs and successfully engage customers by providing complete digital communications.

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