The Second Edition of the New York Italy Run: Everyone in Central Park celebrated the Festa della Repubblica with Pride

The Second Edition of the New York Italy Run: Everyone in Central Park celebrated the Festa della Repubblica with Pride
By Kaleyra . 05 Jun 2019 . image 5 min read

On the 2nd June,  the Itlay Run in New York has been conducted where many participants have actively participated in the run. This five-mile race collects thousands of runners to Central Park in celebration of the “Festa della Repubblica.”

The Italy Run has demonstrated its ability to attract professional and enthusiast runners. Because if it is true that Italians love New York, New York loves Italy back. Kaleyra was the official sponsor of the Italy Run and organized two yoga sessions on June 1st and June 2nd, to make runners participate in something the look forward to, ‘running.’

The Italy Run was a very proud way to celebrate this important event to celebrate Italy and its Republic day with all the Italians and others living in New York.

This event was also a great opportunity to spend a day in nature, sharing moments with a lot of people with the same passion. Adding icing to the cake, not only was Italy run conducted, but the Italians also could bend a little more with Yoga, to keep themselves fit and relax their minds from everyday stress.

According to the non-profit celebrated for the November marathon, over 8,000 runners out of the 11,000 registered runners arrived at the finish line where George Hirsch, the founder of the most famous marathon in the world welcomed them. This was not only an event for adults but also a bipartisan delegation of 20 between deputies and senators, but for the little ones, ready to race and conquer the finish line for the first time.

The presentation of the event

The five-mile race was presented by the Italian Consul General and Deputy Consul General Francesco Genuardi and by the Park Commissioner Mitchell Silver on Friday, June 1st at the NYRR Center in Manhattan.

The Consul General officially opened the event and thanked all the participants putting the accent on the heart of the event: “For me, this race means fun, the pleasure of being together, and above all the love for Italy. A generous, inclusive Italy, an Italy open not only to Italians but also to all those who love the country. “

He then presented the authorities, both Italian and non-Italian, who attended the event: for the first time, in fact, 20 Italian deputies and senators also run this year. A name among all stands out, and it is Maurizio Lupi, an Italian politician and previous vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies together with that of Giusy Versace, winner of the para- Olympic marathon in London and Rio de Janeiro.

Later he introduced other authorities, Mico Delianova Licastro, president of the Coni US delegation and Vincenzo Pascale, Advisor, and director of development for Napoli Running.

In closing, the Consul thanked all the sponsors: Nutella Ferrero, and those who were committed to the success of the event: Banca Intesa San Paolo in New York, Eataly NY, Kaleyra, Alitalia, Lavazza and Alfa Romeo, the Italian universities Luiss of Rome and Bocconi of Milan and Mitchell Silver, from May 2014 commissioner for the parks department NY. Del NYRR, was Michael Capiraso, president and CEO, and Peter Ciaccia, President and Events and Race Director and Board Chairman George Hirsch.

Kaleyra as the Official Sponsor

Kaleyra was very proud to support this fantastic event and to participate and take proactive initiatives to the celebration of the Italian Republic Day.

We organized yoga sessions with our trainer Shruti Jain, on June, 1st at 10 AM and 5 PM to relax people’s bodies and minds or to make them know this fantastic lifestyle discipline.

The last yoga session was on June 2nd at 4 PM, after the race. This was a huge opportunity for runners and others to flex their muscles a bit. For us, the Kaleyrians, these days have been full of fun, health, and pride to support this amazing event, and we want to thank all the participants and the organizations, Consulate General of Italy in New York and the New York Road Runners that realized these moments.


The celebration of the Festa della Repubblica is not over yet

The celebration of the Italian National Day goes on even during the evening of June 3rd at the Consulate General of Italy.

The Consul General, Francesco Genuardi invites our CEO, Dario Calogero, to celebrate the event even with the Italian Ambassador in USA Armando Verricchio.

It is a pleasure for Kaleyra to take part in this important and amazing event as it not only strengthened our presence across the globe but also helped us celebrate the Italian Republic day, Festa della Repubblica.

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