Webinar: Exploring Real-Time Video




Mary Elizabeth Wieder

Product Marketing Manager

Chris Howard

Solutions Engineer, Americas

The modern customer demands immediacy, while companies – both small and large – look for efficiencies in optimizing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This is where WebRTC audio and video calling technology comes into play. Companies and organizations can connect with consumers in real-time via browser or in-app calling with a fully customized brand user interface to enrich the user experience (UX).

WebRTC Audio and Video Calling is ideal for customer onboarding and support in banking, documenting insurance claims, real-time customer service, and online shopping experiences, just to name a few.

Kaleyra Video includes collaborative tools such as an interactive whiteboard, document upload and sharing, and call recording to provide a seamless digital interaction.

What we covered:


  • The WebRTC Landscape Today
  • How Brands Are Using WebRTC
  • Case Studies from International Customers
  • Overview of Kaleyra Video

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