RTL 102.5 & Kaleyra

01 Dec, 2020

Radio is perhaps the most socially personal medium in the world. Despite operating in a changing environment and being expedited by a rise in alternative media channels and subsequent shifts in consumer expectations, it continues to provide its listeners with a unique platform to intimately bond with community members.  

However, the growing popularity of instant messaging apps due to their engaging, two-way communication features have compelled the radio industry to embrace new communication channels to gain high-user engagement and stay on top of their game.

RTL 102.5, an Italian-based radio station, wanted to resolve many of its communication challenges with a technologically advanced platform that could not only handle the growing number of user interactions but was also reliable and cost-efficient. Kaleyra, a global cloud-based communication platform, perfectly matched its requirements and provided an apt solution to improve RTL’s communication with its users.