Everything You Need To Know About DLT Registration in India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made it mandatory for all businesses to register under DLT if they want to send text or voice messages to their customers in India. Any business that fails to abide by these regulations would not be able to deliver messages to its buyers.

At Kaleyra, our biggest priority is to ensure businesses do not face these issues and are able to communicate seamlessly with their customers.

While we continue to provide extensive support to our clients throughout the DLT registration process, we went a step further and conducted a live webinar featuring our Head of Operations, Joshua Gautham, with our Operations Manager, Nadhi Lakmali, who shared pertinent knowledge on the matter.

What bases did we cover?

  • What is DLT and why is it required in India?
  • What are the steps a business entity should follow during the registration?
  • Some of the most frequently asked questions about the DLT process
  • Best practices by Kaleyra for template registration

About Kaleyra

Kaleyra, a globally trusted Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), enables businesses to engage their customers with personalized text messages, programmable voice calls, chatbot services, and more.

Speaker Profile

Joshua Gautham

A computer-engineer-turned-business-analyst, Joshua Gautham currently heads Operations at Kaleyra. Managing business operations end-to-end, right from the creation of the product to marketing and selling it, he has experience in streamlining each process to create the ideal customer experience. He works closely with the internal teams at Kaleyra to implement a seamless customer journey.

Host Profile

Nadhi Lakmali

Nadhi Lakmali is Kaleyra’s Operations Manager. She loves solving problems and cracking down puzzles. An advocate for customers, Nadhi empathetically manages escalations, builds processes, documents them, and strategizes operations at Kaleyra.

Joshua Gautham, Kaleyra

Joshua Gautham


Head of Operations

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