Import Contacts

Get Flexibility to import contacts either by uploading documents or add from existing contacts or simply,
copy paste.

Add from Contacts
Compose Message

Insert CTA, Shorten URL links and docs in your SMS Campaigns.
Save your texting time by inserting tags from imported files.
Send multilingual messages to reach out to the customer in their preferred language.

Insert CTAs

Create the perfect experience: Preview exactly how your normal and flash message looks in customer's device, both iOS and Android. Get a clear estimate: Know how much you need to pay for the campaigns.

Normal Message

Measure your campaign: Run data driven campaigns with insights like total sms sent, total clicks and unique clicks.
Manage your campaigns with a single report including information on status, type, author and price.

Campaign performance

Manage your business communication through one single platform and
engage them on the channels that they use the most.

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